Monday, May 30, 2016

Presenting: The esteemed Pixi Glow Tonic

If there is only one product you should try from the Pixi by Petra line, it's gotta be the cult-fave Pixi Glow Tonic. I've had the full-sized bottle (given as a press gift) since last year but was holding off on using it because I was scared of getting a reaction.

But with my constant sun exposure, my Dermatologist recommended I exfoliate regularly to help my skin battle those dreaded bumps and sporadic cystic pimples that have been plaguing my forehead for months. Admittedly I was only using a cream cleanser and while it was effective at gently cleansing [sunburnt] skin, my pores needed more help in the exfoliation department. Something non-abrasive was recommended, so enter the Pixi Glow Tonic. 

Glow tonic with ginseng and fructose. For normal to dry, dull and aging skin. Oxygenating, exfoliating facial glow tonic. Helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. Removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin. Alcohol free. Use after cleanser on cotton pad. Key ingredients: aloe vera and ginseng.
Price: Php 1,690/250ml (try the 15ml sampler size for only Php 390)
Where to buy:

Friday, May 27, 2016

Snaps from the Philippine Airlines Boutique Launch

Frequent flyers can now take a piece of Filipino pride with them whenever they travel. Philippine Airlines, the country's flag carrier, has just launched their own boutique with homegrown products created in collaboration with the country's top designers. 

Welcome remarks by Sir JJB

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lunas by Nanny Rose Giveaway: Win the Feel Good Cooling Cream & Hand Balm

I'm so happy with my newest discovery that I just had to share the excitement with my readers. One of my favorite brands, Lunas by Nanny Rose, has generously sponsored a giveaway that includes two of their best-selling products. I've been using them continuously for more than a month (even packed both with me to Japan), you could say these are my tried and tested favorites. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Pixi Skintreats Launch

Finally, Pixi by Petra brings in the full 17-product Skintreats line to the Philippines! I've always been a fan of the brand -- from its fresh mint green bottles down to the skin-friendly ingredients. If you've ever been a fan of the cult-fave Pixi Glow Tonic (which is almost always sold out, btw), then you'll also fall in love with these clean, treat, and glow products. If you haven't tried Pixi then you're sorely missing out, my friend.

The skintimate launch

Last week's intimate launch was a welcome escape from the heat and traffic of Manila, and we were all very happy to be pampered during the unveiling. Here's a quick peek at the new Pixi products, full line exclusively available at and select stockists. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The car accident and my supposed intimacy issues

Part 2 of my brainfarts. You can read the first one here, enjoy! 

1. I am proud to announce that I have signed up for Spotify premium. Early adopter I am not. Finally no ads -- but being ad-free has been making me more indecisive than ever. I hit shuffle, then skip, skip...I can skip endlessly because why not?! No one's stopping me, and I damn well pay for this premium service. I've been staying up til the wee hours fixing my playlists and collecting all my favorite indie songs (with my old Soundcloud as my guide). So yeah, thanks Spotify for making me lose sleep and helping me with my indecisiveness -- I cannot stick it out with one song for more than 30 seconds.

2. Have you ever been so fond of someone you'd be willing to fly across continents anytime? When I say "fond of," I mean it in a platonic kind of way. No hand holding, no ulterior motives, nothing sexual. I am genuinely curious about this person and I'd like to find out more. Is this how guys feel towards girls somehow? I wish someone would also exert this same effort to get to know me.

3. Which brings me to another concern: someone told me I have intimacy issues. I think I do, but only because I feel that connections with people nowadays are so superficial. Everyone's online, and yet I've never felt so disconnected with someone I'm out on a date with who's constantly on their phone. I can only let out an exasperated sigh while I stare at my silken tofu submerged in dashi broth. At least my tofu will keep me company: it will listen unconditionally, it won't talk back or argue, and it won't even dare judge my life choices. This whole dating thing is making me sad.

Friday, May 13, 2016

FS: SK-II Treatment Essence

On my last day in Osaka I went shopping and decided to finally hop on the bandwagon and get myself a bottle of the famed SK-II. I used it for week and then realized it wasn't for me (my skin is ultra sensitive and I developed rashes shortly after). But, a lot of people have been raving about it so I'm putting it up for sale.


SK-II's signature product, the much-loved and most awarded bestseller, Facial Treatment Essence, has over 90% Pitera. Pitera is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It's the miracle ingredient discovered over 35 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence helps to improve the appearance of 5 dimensions of beautiful, crystal clear skin: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated. Its irreplaceable formula gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.

  • Replenishes skin's moisture to help prevent skin dryness
  • Helps smoothen skin surface texture for soft & smooth skin 
  • Helps moderate skin's renewal cycle 
  • Penetrates better than a cream 

Application Guide

Sprinkle a few drops into the palm of your hand and press hands together to warm and distribute the product evenly, then press onto the face, neck, eye area, and décolletage until the product is absorbed.

Product size: 75ml

Purchase price: ¥ 5,250
Selling price: Php 2,255

Payment is via BPI deposit and I'l have this shipped via GrabExpress so it's same day delivery. Delivery within Metro Manila is free.

Email me at for questions.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pepe Gaka takes us around Kyoto

I woke up to the hum of the air-conditioner, I looked at my watch and it read 7:00 am. I gave out a light groan, I wanted to get some more shut-eye but we were scheduled to go around Kyoto today with our friend, Pepe Gaka, at 9:00 am. With the impressive efficiency of Japanese trains, I was sure we'd arrive there in no time. Time to wake up the parents, I thought, as I climbed down the ladder to their futon.

Who is Pepe Gaka?

My sister and I spotted Giuseppe "Pepe" Gaka while walking along Auckland's Princes Wharf last January. We were rushing to get some bus tickets for our city tour when I spotted a street artist and got curious. I told my sister we should go and say hi, but since we were on a tight schedule she dismissed it and said we should get on our way.