Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bathe in Moisture with Nivea’s Skin Caring Shower Gels

Before I go into detail on the super fun Nivea Summer Kick-off I attended last week in Panglao (if you have low EQ head over to my IG account), let me share with you these new body washes that I received over Christmas break. 

Body washes have been a staple in my backpack because I also use them as shampoo and as laundry soap for when I need to wash my bikinis post-swim. I usually transfer them to 100ml containers so I don't have to check-in my liquids (I shall do a quick post on how I pack my toiletries soon).

In this Nivea collection, we can take our pick from the four variants which are pH skin-balanced and dermatologically-approved for an enhanced and caring bathing experience. Each shower is delectably scented and lathers quite well. Here's a quick overview on each:

  • Revitalize your senses with Pure Fresh Shower Gel as fresh aquatic scent and sea minerals turn into soft foam.
  • Have a luxurious cream oil shower with Diamond Touch Cream Shower Oil and let diamond shimmer caress your skin with its indulging foam and the scent of White Calla Lily.
  • Envelope your skin with foam and the unique scent of the classic NIVEA Crème with Crème Care Shower Cream, leaving skin feeling moisturized and smooth. 
  • Enjoy the refreshing scent of Waterlily with Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel with Caring Oil as replenishing oil pearls turns into caring foam for soft skin feeling. 

I'd have to say that my favorite is Pure Fresh with its sharp refreshing scent. Make sure to check them all out the next time you shop for bath essentials. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What do you think about dating on the road?

Travelling abroad always loosens up some people (at least, that's how I feel), making them more open to the possibility of going out of their comfort zones and doing new and exciting things. When was the last time you felt exhilarated, excited, and giddy all at the same time? When you felt gung-ho, ready to take on whatever the world sent your way today? Only travelling does that to me.

For two, please
Being in a new country with an entirely different culture and [more] "interesting" locals, why not take the chance and ask that person you've been eyeing for coffee? Or be bold and ask that person out on a date? That would seem like a logical thing to do seeing as you might not see that person again anyhow.

Friday, January 15, 2016

In praise of slow travel

When we started travelling as a family, we'd map out each and every destination in our country of choice, cram everything in a week's visit, and taking an insane amount of photos in the process. While this proved to be fun (at first) and economical for us (we didn't have to visit a country twice), this left us more exhausted than ever upon arrival back in Manila. And the experiences were, in my opinion, too shallow to make an impression.

On the flip side, I've long admired travelers who can squeeze in as much countries, places, or tourist spots in a given period of time. How they'd pack then unpack their backpack and dart from one place to another, diligently blogging about their experiences on the fly, they were living out of a suitcase but practically seeing more of the world than me. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016: Hibernation is over

I'd like to wish everyone a meaningful and inspiring 2016! I've been out of touch the past month travelling and getting lots of work done; and though it's now time to hit the ground running [again], I'm glad I was able to take a few days off and go on a special trip -- to somewhere chilly this time. Shocking, I know! I did miss the beach terribly during my stay but as with all things, change is good. 

And speaking of change there might be some slight developments on the blog, too, as I try to travel more responsibly this year and document my adventures. I rarely seek sponsorship for my travels but I do gladly and gratefully accept them once in a while. This makes the experience (for me, at least) more meaningful and deliberate -- it's me working hard and going out of my way to actually live in a country/city even if it means just for a week or a couple of days.  

What does this mean for all of you who diligently follow and read my blog? That could mean less posts on mainstream beauty brands and more global or indie discoveries! To all my [local] brand favorites, no need to worry as I will always have a special place on my blog and in my backpack for you guys.  

The good news: my personal life is also getting a major facelift -- I've met so many amazing people the last couple of months and I couldn't be more thrilled! It seems like 2016 is really off to a great start, I look forward to seeing how everything will unravel. 

So, follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates and travel inspirations. And in case you're at liberty to share, where are you at right now? Any specific country you're looking at visiting this year? :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I am totally Head Over Feels (hugot books you have to check out)

Ah! Why start the year with hugot books? I say, why not?! I think everyone should embrace their emotions and just let it out once in a while. It started with me purchasing "The Heartbreak Diaries" before Christmas, and then Summit Books sent me another book over the holidays. Keep them coming, guys, I love all these emotional reads.

Head Over Feels (Php 250)

A collection of over a hundred memorable quotes carefully hand lettered by budding lettering artists. This book is a delightful and amusing easy read (check out the new version of F.L.A.M.E.S.), I'd recommend bringing this on road trips to keep your mind occupied. Great for both adults and teens.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Visiting El Nido, Miniloc Island

At the last minute our family decided to fly to Puerto Princesa for the holidays. Our original plan was to head to Japan, Bali, or Vietnam but decided to fly local just for kicks. I wouldn't say I wasn't thrilled (I've flown to PPS three times in the last month), but a part of me was also wishing I could go visit Bali again (which we postponed to the first quarter of 2016).

Anyway, I did all the itinerary building and booking which stressed me out immensely as almost everything was full due to the long holiday weekend -- and I only started to make some calls on the 23rd! But, persistence pays off as we got to spend 5 amazing days by the beach. This won't be a full-on documentary on PPS and El Nido, rather a photodiary of what went down. My only wish? More photos sana to document the whole trip because Palawan is so beautiful, I'll definitely be back again soon.

El Nido is 5 hours away via van from the city proper of Puerto Princesa. I would liken it to a roadtrip to Baler. Trips cost Php 600/pax and start as early as 630am. 

We took the 9am van to El Nido and arrived at 3pm. We were too late for any tours so we just nested in Marina Garden Beachfront Inn. I made good use of my time by swimming and trying SUP (no photo because Tish had the GoPro) with some kids and it was fun -- definitely a tad more challenging than surfing.