Monday, July 4, 2016

Sleek Matte Me Swatches: Birthday Suit, Bittersweet, Velvet Slipper, Old Hollywood

Praised for its highly pigmented and matte formula, the Sleek Matte Me line is taking over purses and kikay kits the world over. I have always heard so many nice things about the cult-favorite shade "Birthday Suit" (a flattering pink nude), and I'm so touched the Sleek Makeup team kindly sent extra shades for me to try. When asked what I wanted, I answered, "Any shade that would complement my tan," and send over 4 gorgeous shades they did.

What they are

Matte Me are ultra-smooth relatively long-wearing lip creams with a matte finish. There is no need for a second coat as just one swipe delivers a blanket of rich color.

Birthday Suit, Bittersweet, Velvet Slipper, Old Hollywood
The formula 

I know a lot of people don't mesh well with matte lip color because first of all, they can be drying and these Matte Me's are no exception. To remedy this, make sure to exfoliate lips regularly while brushing, apply a light balm (like Hurraw!), and then let it set for a bit before application.

wearing Bittersweet (medium peachy nude)
While it's touted to be long-wearing compared to a regular cream or satin lipstick, these aren't impervious to oily food -- they will come off when eating or drinking -- but a nice stain will remain on the lips. Otherwise, these will typically last the whole day!

Reapplication is pretty easy: just wipe off excess food or water on lips (if you've been eating or drinking), apply balm, blot, then reapply Matte Me. Easy peasy! Just be wary of applying within the lip lines when using dark colors, Bittersweet and Birthday Suit are more forgiving. 

You can grab these and lots of other shades at Sleek Me counters and on They retail for Php 450 each.  


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