Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Shopping at BeautyMNL + a new sunscreen discovery

When Beauty MNL got in touch with me regarding a blog post, I was more than excited. You see, I have this funny habit of going through online shops, putting stuff in my cart, and then abandoning them in the end because I tell myself I don't really need them. It's a good exercise in decisiveness though, because I'd rather spend on things that I can take with me when I travel -- and god knows I've spent so much money on bikinis already, LOL. It's time to go back to my beauty roots and discover something new.

So anyway, as the team gave me credits for shopping I spent a fair amount of time going through the website. I initially settled on a new tattoo brow kit but since it was sold out (and the staff was uncertain when it would be back in stock), I clicked on the "Organic" section and checked their offerings. You see that's one of the nice things about BeautyMNL, their products are categorized with beauty enthusiasts in mind and we all love an organic/all natural buy every now and then.

I then settled for sunscreen -- so predictable of me, I know. But you can never get enough sunscreen in your life, plus I am always open to a product that says "cooling" on the label. In my mind, I was pretty sure it wouldn't make it in time for my Siquijor trip since I ordered on a Friday.

But lo and behold, they do overnight shipping (this I totally did not expect!) and my new Lumiere MultiVitamin Facial Sunscreen Gel SPF 60 was in my possession 2 days before my trip. Isn't this amazing service or what?!

The product review

Lumiere is a brand that I've known since my work as BizDev back in Glamourbox. They offer local all natural products, I've met the mother and daughter team more than twice I think.

Not to be confused with a cooling gel moisturizer, this is actually a very light cream version with organic aloe vera as its base. It also contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, hyaluron-C, non-nano Zinc Oxide, and is touted to be hypoallergenic, pthalate-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

Even though it has a creamy consistency, it does dry matte. Not a flat powdery matte, mind you, rather a soft comfy matte that does not dry out skin. I used this in Siquijor while driving a scooter and I did cheat a little by using only this while swimming (it is not waterproof!). What I liked is the lightweight non-oily feel, it also didn't break me out or cause irritations.

This product is a good reason to get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day -- it's non-greasy, unscented, cooling (pop in the fridge for extra cooling power), and protects with SPF 60. The sunscreen factor is quite decent and I'd recommend it for city use. The container is also worth mentioning because it is made of glass with a plastic pump that dispenses the right amount.

I can't wait to explore and discover more beauty stuff on BeautyMNL (I'm still waiting for them to restock that tattoo brow kit), in the meantime you can check out the site at https://beautymnl.com. Let me know what you ended up getting!
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