Sunday, June 19, 2016

After a two-year hiatus, I'm finally back to Barre3

It's a little TMI but when my personal life went disarray last month, I decided that the only way I'd distract myself and feel better was to workout. I was getting bored of just using Youtube as my exercise guru (my yoga mat at home was not very inspiring), and the treadmill was boring the hell out of me, so the obvious choice was to go back to Barre3 which I've tried 2 years prior

What is Barre3?

The short answer is: it's a fitness program that combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Barre3 makes use of pulses or isometric movements to wake the muscles and fire them up. I'll be upfront, it's not particularly easy especially if you've been sedentary like me. But the graceful "ballet" part of it attracted me the most, as I was a frustrated ballet dancer growing up.

It's said that the combination of all three programs help lengthen the muscles, target more muscle groups at once (we're advised to tighten the core while doing legwork or push-ups on the barre), plus help improve mind-body connection (more focus means we get to hold a certain position longer, it's all in the mind).

Is it worth it? 

As with most things, it differs per individual -- Barre3 may help you lose weight, improve posture, tighten your tush, and give you abs. But it would all depend on how consistent you practice and how serious you are about it. And let's not forget, a good diet is always in the mix. In the end it's quality over quantity meaning you can take back to back classes if you'd like, but if you don't engage your core and breathe properly then you're not maximizing your workout.

There's also much talk on how effective Barre3 is as an exercise routine. Some say it's not enough as you still need strength training to be fit and strong, and you'll never end up having a ballerina's body unless you were genetically made that way.

Price-wise it is rather more expensive than let's say, a gym membership. A standalone class is Php 700 which is a deterrent to most, I was lucky I spotted the Dealgrocer promo (Php7280 for two months) which really helped me decide to pursue it.

My experience

For everything that people say about Barre3, my take on it is really simple -- if you enjoy doing a certain workout routine then by all means just go ahead and do it. If it makes you active, then go buy a monthly/yearly package.

Going the package route vs ala carte will ''force'' you to make the most of out of your days and the price you paid. In my head, one of my greatest motivators is "sayang ang package if I stop now."

Another thing I like is I don't feel intimidated in class (this is relative to the person, I brought a friend and she felt intimidated to be in a dance studio), I'm happy that I don't feel I have to compete with the girl next to me. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace, and the teacher will remind you of this several times during class. If I feel weak today and can't squeeze the ball too tight, or can't hold my plank for an extended minute, I don't beat myself up for it. I can always do heaps better next time.

Are there any obvious changes to my body on my third straight week? None yet, but my overall outlook has changed. I'm more chill and positive (I take Barre3 during the evenings), and I'm not as stressed as before. My mood has definitely lifted.

The challenge

The only challenge I foresee in the very near future is I'll be gone for most of July and August which means I will be skipping so many sessions :( But if you can recommend a good Barre3 studio in the California area, I'd be happy to move my ass over there and continue.

Join me!

While this is not a sponsored post (I paid for my unlimited two-month package), I invite you to join me at Barre3! I would love for you to workout with me and enjoy the benefits of being active. Let's all experience pain together, haha. It's pretty fun, which is what Barre3 is all about anyway.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • grip socks (option to go barefoot)
  • leggings
  • sports bra under a loose shirt/tank top/sports top 
  • water jug
  • face towel to wipe off sweat
  • toiletries and extra towel if you plan to shower afterwards

So what do you think?

More deets, rates, and schedules here:


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