Sunday, May 15, 2016

The car accident and my supposed intimacy issues

Part 2 of my brainfarts. You can read the first one here, enjoy! 

1. I am proud to announce that I have signed up for Spotify premium. Early adopter I am not. Finally no ads -- but being ad-free has been making me more indecisive than ever. I hit shuffle, then skip, skip...I can skip endlessly because why not?! No one's stopping me, and I damn well pay for this premium service. I've been staying up til the wee hours fixing my playlists and collecting all my favorite indie songs (with my old Soundcloud as my guide). So yeah, thanks Spotify for making me lose sleep and helping me with my indecisiveness -- I cannot stick it out with one song for more than 30 seconds.

2. Have you ever been so fond of someone you'd be willing to fly across continents anytime? When I say "fond of," I mean it in a platonic kind of way. No hand holding, no ulterior motives, nothing sexual. I am genuinely curious about this person and I'd like to find out more. Is this how guys feel towards girls somehow? I wish someone would also exert this same effort to get to know me.

3. Which brings me to another concern: someone told me I have intimacy issues. I think I do, but only because I feel that connections with people nowadays are so superficial. Everyone's online, and yet I've never felt so disconnected with someone I'm out on a date with who's constantly on their phone. I can only let out an exasperated sigh while I stare at my silken tofu submerged in dashi broth. At least my tofu will keep me company: it will listen unconditionally, it won't talk back or argue, and it won't even dare judge my life choices. This whole dating thing is making me sad.

4. A pretty lady stopped me on the street last Monday while I was on my way to a meeting (yes, I have meetings even on the same day as the National Elections), and I was very pleased with her gesture. I mean, not because she complimented by lovely oriental pants but because she took time to actually speak to me.

the pants
We ended up talking for a good 15 minutes and then she invited me to her art show the following week. See, there are still friendly people out there. It was so nice to talk to a random stranger and have a few laughs, which makes me sort of miss Baler and the surf crowd.

5. I have not surfed in 2 months -- that's crazy! The reason? I'm too lazy to hop on a bus to Baler, but I know I need the break. City life is making me overthink again.

6. We got into a car accident yesterday while on the way to myotherapy (review soon). While I was busy checking Facebook, a car hit us on the left side which propelled the car and we ended up smashing into a wall. Seated at the back behind the driver, my head hit the window and I suffered a big headache afterwards. Thankfully my Mom (who just celebrated her birthday on May 13) and my sister were unharmed. I took painkillers which helped the headache subside -- in 5 hours.

7. Can you miss a place so much it hurts? I really miss the steady vibe of Auckland, the efficiency of Japan, and the unpredictability of Tablas.

8. I can finally focus on work and boy, have I been productive this month. I guess that's the only good that came out of my latest life decision. I wouldn't say it wasn't hard, I had to turn to my feel good indie playlist to help keep me sane (hello Grouplove, The Naked and Famous, and Stars -- I've got them all on loop).

So, how you been?

PS: Here's the invite to Savannah's art show this Tuesday :)


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