Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lunas by Nanny Rose Giveaway: Win the Feel Good Cooling Cream & Hand Balm

I'm so happy with my newest discovery that I just had to share the excitement with my readers. One of my favorite brands, Lunas by Nanny Rose, has generously sponsored a giveaway that includes two of their best-selling products. I've been using them continuously for more than a month (even packed both with me to Japan), you could say these are my tried and tested favorites. 

Feel Good Cooling Cream - Php 500/200ml

I love applying this all over my body after a warm bath because the citrus scent energizes the senses while the minty component cools. While it's not overly mentholated like some products, what I like about this cream is the subtle cooling feeling. Plus I never imagined that citrus and mint would go together, but apparently they blend well! I can't stop sniffing my hands after every use.

The cooling cream feels lightweight and is easily absorbed, it can definitely take the place of your every day lotion due to its non-sticky nature, yet it moisturizes fairly well due to its shea butter ingredient.

Hand Balm - Php 350/75ml

The unique packaging does remind you of another lovely high-end brand, wouldn't you agree? The Lunas Hand Balm also has the same lightweight texture and feel but features a relaxing lavender scent. I applied this before my regular facial and my therapist had to ask, "What is that? It smells so good." Yes, Lunas products are not only good for the skin but they are quite fragrant, too.

The moisturizing quality of the Hand Balm is good enough for day use, lightweight and easily absorbed also which is pretty important when you're at work and you need something that settles quickly. This size is also ideal for backpackers because you can stash it in your carry-on.

Want to win a pack?

I am raffling off 2 packs that contain one of each product, so there will be 2 winners of this giveaway. Just join via the Rafflecopter widget below:


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