Monday, April 4, 2016

My princessitude

"Yaya, where's my Lemon Toddy?"
I confidently walked into a food place last week, took a look around, narrowed down the dishes I wanted to try, and asked each store a couple of questions. Well, make that lots of questions per station.
"Is your shawarma spicy? How spicy is it? Like super spicy I will cry?"
"Can I have both leg and thigh?" Staff says she can only give the one wing and one leg/thigh combo. I don't like white meat, so I wave my hand and walk away. 
"Ah so this is custard? Is it better cold or warm? But I'm on a no-dairy diet e..." I bought it anyway...
"Wah, salt? Salt will make you bloated!"
Finally I exclaim (in true Kira kuripot fashion), "Ang mahal naman dito! Gusto ko lang ng Recovery Food!"

On another occasion, someone pointed out that I eat in a very systematic way:
Food is not allowed to party on my plate, meaning: dried food on one side, saucy dishes on the other.
I calculate the viand + rice ratio on my plate, I portion them properly so that the last spoonful is equal portions meat and rice.
If for example there's more of the other on my plate, sadly it will not be consumed. Sayang lang. This is why I don't like it when people steal food from my plate :(
Sometimes I wonder if I've really shed a part of my prissy shell, I think it just hibernated and is now back with a vengeance. Still, this is how I know my friends love me because they continuously invite me to dinners and social events :)

If you're planning to take me out, consider yourself warned. I'm nice naman, just weird. After re-reading this, I realized that I only covered the food part though am prissy in other ways, too. But we can save that for a future post. Or when we're close na


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