Monday, March 28, 2016

Uber is making me fat (plus other realizations and life questions)

1. My reliance on uber is making me fat. Gone were the days when I'd (happily) commute, burning calories in the MRT or while waiting for a cab. Now, I can happily stay longer in a cafe or resto after my meeting because "I can get uber anytime." Why walk when you can Uber, right? And because of this, I've grown a pouch in my lower abdomen -- and I've never had that before!

2. Does LDR really work? I mean, seriously? This is currently disturbing me. Are my worries indicative of my lack of trust in people, myself, or my lack of faith in love? Or am I just being a realist and extinguishing something before it even gets somewhere?

3. Man Repeller is my bible. I read it on my Feedly every single day. Last Friday, I was reading about how people prefer to "chill" instead of confronting things, and that really spoke to me. You see, I am passive aggressive and an overthinker. That's a lethal combination. And I usually choose to be "chill" about things rather than asking about them. Can you imagine dating someone like me who seems to be "okay" but is slowly contemplating murder on the inside? Kidding.

4. I love my bob. It's so chic but oh my god I never took into consideration how different having a bob is vs having long hair that you can tie in a bun. Fuck Manila heat, I'm headed to the beach. 

5. When someone complements you on your butt instead of how *pretty* you are, is that a good thing? I think so. 

6. I have embraced juices, specifically A+ and Red Punch from The Daily Jusa. I love these two so much that I order every two weeks. It's expensive at P160/bottle so I need to learn how to do this on my own soon. Tidbit: I only learned to eat salads two years ago, so me juicing is a H-U-G-E step.

7. Dating someone who loves food can be quite intimidating. I just realized that I am just prissy with my food and in no way can be categorized as a foodie. 

8. I'm still a promoter of slow travel. I miss places I've been to and I clearly have my favorites. I am in no rush to finish all 81 provinces of the Philippines. I am taking my time, thankyouverymuch.

Do you like these brainfarts? Cos I still have a lot of them. Comment below if this portion is something you'd like to read about every once in a while on the blog. I promise it's going to be entertaining each and every time.


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