Thursday, February 4, 2016

Teach kids the importance of sunscreen with the exclusive Nivea Sun Doll

So how do you really teach kids the importance of sunscreen when they find it goopy, smelly, and just too cumbersome to apply? Well, Nivea sorted that problem out and released a unique UV-sensitive doll that turns pink (mimicking the look of sunburnt skin) when exposed to sunlight! Based on the official video, the kids went crazy over these dolls and were so excited to apply Nivea sunscreens to protect them. 

This was practically the highlight of the Nivea Summer Kickoff event last week and when we were all presented with our OWN dolls, we (all adults, haha!) couldn't stop gushing! We couldn't wait to put these dolls to the test, and abuse them we did.  

My favorite Nivea product as I've mentioned on this blog many times is their Sun Protect and Bronze which protects with SPF 20 and yet also gives me a nice, even tan. Look at me "bake" while the Nivea doll is naked without sunscreen. It turned pink instantly within seconds under the hot sun. Keep it exposed longer and it does turn an ugly shade of red -- ouch!

Now I slathered a little bit of the Kids' SPF 50 sunscreen on the t-zone and you'll notice (in the photo below) that that part remains white (meaning protected) while the surrounding areas turned pink.

Here's a quick vid showing how you fast it burns under the hot Panglao sun: 

There is no news yet if these dolls will be available for purchase, but let's cross our fingers and keep our eyes peeled ;)

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