Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown

Australian brand Eye of Horus came out with several new products last year, but one thing that stood out for me is the Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown. Being a fan of the previous release in black, I had high hopes for this much-awaited version.  

Amazingly easy to use, the liquid liner pen draws a gorgeous dark chocolate brown line on the lid, creating perfect definition. Our Liquid Define is the ultimate longwearing, waterproof liquid liner pen. Unlike other liners, the precision tip pen provides smooth and controlled application every time and easily draws a thin or thick line in one sweep. The Liquid Liner wont budge. The formula dries, almost instantly, and wont imprint on eyelids. The texta like felt tip is fantastic for beginners. 
Price: Php 990
Where to buy: www.glamourbox.ph

The slim texta tip makes lining a breeze and the result is a precise line in a chocolate brown [almost bronze-y] hue.

Tish and I had to film some videos over the long weekend for an upcoming project and the liner stayed on even during 25++ takes under the hot sun. I had long lost hope on finding a long-lasting liner due to my oily lids (I used K-Palette in Korea and it still smudged 6 hours later), but the Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner stayed put from 1pm - 10pm. And, I only used Cetaphil on a cotton round to take it off. Easy breezy!

Another thing, Epsilon makes a cameo in the video! It's also his first time in BGC so you could say we were as "stressed" as he was, but thank god he wasn't fussy! He just practically kept to himself and observed everyone. I just realized that bringing Epsilon anywhere requires a separate bag for his essentials -- I felt like I had a baby in tow with the extra water, diaper, clothes, etc.

Let's schedule a playdate-slash-coffee date with our little ones? :)

Are you a fan of Eye of Horus? Eager to try it out? Visit https://glamourbox.ph.


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