Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Lunas" by Nanny Rose

I was lucky to receive a few up-and-coming products from local brand Nanny Rose. Known for their natural honey wax (click for review) exclusively available in Watsons, Nanny Rose will be releasing a new line called "Lunas" which is Filipino for "remedy." 

Created by yoga enthusiast and doting Mom, Amanda Del Rosario, each product is lovingly made in small batches and is infused with natural ingredients. The sweet balsamic scent of lavender will instantly soothe and whisk you away to a better place. I can see how this collection will be an instant hit with yoga practitioners.

Here's a peek at what I got:

Hand Balm
An easily absorbed hand lotion bursting with the mood-lifting scent of lavender and cedarwood. Made with shea butter, VCO, sweet almond oil, carrot oil. The tube is sturdy and classy, reminiscent of L'Occitane. 


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil

At my last JuRo Salon visit (where I converted my sister and Mom, ha!), I spotted the Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil on the shelf and read through the ingredients list. Boasting of 100% biodegradable ingredients like sunflower, coconut, jojoba, and olive oil, I immediately decided to try it out despite of the hefty price tag. If I remember correctly, it was about Php1,950. 

Offering the utmost respect to colour-treated hair and the environment, Precious Oil contains 100% biodegradable ingredients and is a paraben-and silicone-free formula, earning it the prestigious Green Seal™ certification.
What it does: 
  • Equalize porosity
  • Restore manageability
  • Replenish the protective lipid layer
  • Enhance colour vibrancy

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Exploring Panglao Island, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills and tarsiers have intrigued me for years. And though I've always wanted to see them in person, I never had the opportunity (or enough push) to book a trip to Panglao Island. I will admit that Bali and Palawan sort of got in the way. But interestingly enough, life always makes sure that things fall into place and I got an invite to Panglao last month courtesy of Nivea (more on a future post).


There are varied accommodations along Alona Beach from the upscale Amorita Resorts to B&B's like Aquatica Beach Resort (where I stayed). Both are beachfront property with bars, cafes, restaurants within walking distance.

My fan room was only Php1,000 per night with a king-sized bed, a basic shower and toilet, a ceiling fan, and minimal walking space. It could fit two people, but it seemed spacious enough for just one. Plus, I love places with clothing lines for drying bikinis, shirts, and other stuff. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

UNIQLO's 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Sharing with you UNIQLO's 2016 Bottoms Collection that features the classic staple: gauchos! It's currently my favorite piece of clothing: easy to dress up with a chic off-shoulder blouse, or the perfect weekend outfit for dates and walking Epsilon.

Here are some sample looks from UNIQLO's newest offerings:

Gaucho pants feature distinctive wide cuffs that create a modern, trendy look. Its simple solid design and loose feminine cut make the pants easy to pair with any fashionable top or blouse.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown

Australian brand Eye of Horus came out with several new products last year, but one thing that stood out for me is the Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown. Being a fan of the previous release in black, I had high hopes for this much-awaited version.  

Amazingly easy to use, the liquid liner pen draws a gorgeous dark chocolate brown line on the lid, creating perfect definition. Our Liquid Define is the ultimate longwearing, waterproof liquid liner pen. Unlike other liners, the precision tip pen provides smooth and controlled application every time and easily draws a thin or thick line in one sweep. The Liquid Liner wont budge. The formula dries, almost instantly, and wont imprint on eyelids. The texta like felt tip is fantastic for beginners. 
Price: Php 990
Where to buy:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Romantic Indulgence: Robinsons Department Store Beauty Fair

Much like how a fashionista is on the prowl for sales and great deals every season, I look forward to skin care and beauty fairs at Robinsons Department Store. I discovered new products every time and incorporate them in my daily routine. Examples from last year's offerings include the Hygienix Hand Spray in Fresh Defence (I stock up on this, I love the scent!), Femme pointed cotton buds, and Schick Silk Effects Plus Shaver.

Here's a rundown of what you can expect this month (click to enlarge): 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Teach kids the importance of sunscreen with the exclusive Nivea Sun Doll

So how do you really teach kids the importance of sunscreen when they find it goopy, smelly, and just too cumbersome to apply? Well, Nivea sorted that problem out and released a unique UV-sensitive doll that turns pink (mimicking the look of sunburnt skin) when exposed to sunlight! Based on the official video, the kids went crazy over these dolls and were so excited to apply Nivea sunscreens to protect them. 

This was practically the highlight of the Nivea Summer Kickoff event last week and when we were all presented with our OWN dolls, we (all adults, haha!) couldn't stop gushing! We couldn't wait to put these dolls to the test, and abuse them we did.  

My favorite Nivea product as I've mentioned on this blog many times is their Sun Protect and Bronze which protects with SPF 20 and yet also gives me a nice, even tan. Look at me "bake" while the Nivea doll is naked without sunscreen. It turned pink instantly within seconds under the hot sun. Keep it exposed longer and it does turn an ugly shade of red -- ouch!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My greatest discovery of 2015: Virgin Coconut Oil

It's not rocket science and yet as usual, I am very late to the party. I've long known about the many uses of VCO (or virgin coconut oil) but never paid enough attention to it until last year. In an effort to downsize and fit everything into my backpack, I've turned to VCO to address my skin care and moisturization needs.

What is VCO?

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. Take a trip to your local beauty outlet or grocery and you'll find numerous virgin coconut oil brands on the shelves.

What I've learned tho is not all oils are created equal: some are more fragrant (sweet like latik, like this one), some are more easily absorbed, while some are almost aroma-free. To err on the side of caution I'd rather choose one that is first-pressed and unrefined as possible, like the Know-It-Oil (pure and edible) and Grandma Minnie Do-It-Oil (spiked with monolaurin for antibacterial protection).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On travelling [solo]: What I've learned so far

There aren't many occasions where I'd end up questioning my life decisions. Come to think of it, I can only recall two:

1) When I encountered 6-foot waves in succession for the first time and wiped out. I seriously thought I was going to die!

2) When I rented a boat and went on a private tour to Balicasag Island last week. I was accompanied by two boatmen whom I had only met that same day. Balicasag was an hour away on rough seas, and take note it was my first time in Panglao -- I had no friends, no relatives on the island. You could say, my guard was up the entire trip.

Although safety precautions when travelling are pretty standard, women just have to be extra careful and alert when exploring alone. The second scenario was obviously scary, hasty and reckless. In case something did happened to me, I sent photos of the boatmen plus the contact number to my sister in Manila with a note: "In case I don't make it back, you know who to look for." She responded, "Text me the moment you get back to Panglao Island." I'm happy to report though that the boatmen were friendly and were only interested in my payment, thank god.

Here are some of the things I've experienced while travelling:

Getting hounded by locals

While walking along the shore of Alona Beach in Panglao, I was hounded by locals offering tours, asking where I was staying and if I had any companions in tow. Although this would seem to be the norm in some areas, the odd thing was I never encountered these in Puerto Princesa (I guess tourism is more regulated there). And these locals were relentless, they really followed me around. It reminded me of India, somewhat.