Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016: Hibernation is over

I'd like to wish everyone a meaningful and inspiring 2016! I've been out of touch the past month travelling and getting lots of work done; and though it's now time to hit the ground running [again], I'm glad I was able to take a few days off and go on a special trip -- to somewhere chilly this time. Shocking, I know! I did miss the beach terribly during my stay but as with all things, change is good. 

And speaking of change there might be some slight developments on the blog, too, as I try to travel more responsibly this year and document my adventures. I rarely seek sponsorship for my travels but I do gladly and gratefully accept them once in a while. This makes the experience (for me, at least) more meaningful and deliberate -- it's me working hard and going out of my way to actually live in a country/city even if it means just for a week or a couple of days.  

What does this mean for all of you who diligently follow and read my blog? That could mean less posts on mainstream beauty brands and more global or indie discoveries! To all my [local] brand favorites, no need to worry as I will always have a special place on my blog and in my backpack for you guys.  

The good news: my personal life is also getting a major facelift -- I've met so many amazing people the last couple of months and I couldn't be more thrilled! It seems like 2016 is really off to a great start, I look forward to seeing how everything will unravel. 

So, follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates and travel inspirations. And in case you're at liberty to share, where are you at right now? Any specific country you're looking at visiting this year? :)


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