Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gift Idea: Kala Milk Soaps Special Holiday Blends

I haven't started with my Christmas shopping (have you?) but I am done with my travel list for the next quarter #priorities. Anyway, a great gift idea every year is to choose locally made and all-natural products. Not only are you helping them promote their small scale businesses, but you also help our farmers and local workers in the process. And get this: in your own little way you are also helping change the mindset, paving the way for friends and family to switch to all-natural alternatives. It's hitting three birds with one stone. 

So here's a stocking stuffer for ya: the Kala Milk Soaps Special Holiday Blends. From my previous introductory post, Kala Milk Soaps are the first in the PH to use Carabao Milk as its base ingredient. What's so good about carabao milk? Aside from it being so yummy it contains the highest content of good butter fat which is known to be a good skin moisturizer, as well as lactic acid (naturally occurring in milk) considered a mild exfoliant that helps improve skin's texture and battle fine lines.

What's so special about this holiday collection is they added chocolate to their already yummy concoction for added skin benefits. Chocolates are known to hydrate and smoothen skin, take your pick from Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate. These are available until December 2015 at Php 150/115g and come wrapped in festive Christmas packaging.

And since you'll be snuggling with your special someone this holiday season, Kala Milk is also debuting their newest Milk Lotion (Php 265/300ml). It's a non-greasy, creamy whipped lotion that contains all the goodness of carabao's milk, shea butter, and VCO. It's the sort of lotion that dries right away and doesn't feel tacky, though you might need something more emollient if you have terribly dry skin. It has a refreshing grassy scent that will keep you sniffing your arm for hours.

You can purchase all of these at www.beautymnl.com, Sesou Nature Source (ATC, Greenbelt 1, Cash & Carry, Market Market), ECHOStore (Serendra, Centris, Salcedo, Podium, Ortigas, Davao). 

For more info, visit http://www.kalamilksoap.com/.


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