Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Time to reformulate: Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

It doesn't take a lot to surprise and please me nowadays, and I'd like to think that with age I've come to appreciate the simpler things in life. Like sleeping in on weekends, successfully downloading an ebook that I've been waiting for for so long, or playing with Meerkat and Epsilon. But if there's one thing I'm passionate about is natural products, with the inclusion of mineral makeup. Granting that not all natural-made products are safe for everyone (there are still allergens about), I try to make them work as much as I can, sometimes even to a fault. Case in point, the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation.

The reason I switched from my other mineral makeup brand is the compact case -- sometimes having to apply foundation on the fly with a sponge is better and faster than having to buff everything in the car. Sponge application equals heavier coverage, too, another perk of switching.

So anyway, I've been a fan of this brand in the past and wrote a review here. But for some reason, I've been getting duds lately. In just a week, my powder was in bits and pieces. I had discovered upon arrival in Manila that the product had already made a mess inside my kikay kit.

My skin tone dabbles between Caramel (medium) to Toffee (medium/deep). The photo below is Toffee (the darkest shade) and my second refill because the previous one also cracked and I thought that was just a fluke, but turns out it's really a formulation problem. I buy my compacts at Beauty Bar, FYI, and am wondering if they just have old stock or the products really can't survive temperature changes or plane trips (?).
Toffee vs Caramel
I still have the Toffee compact but it's now parked at home, it's too darn messy to lug around. And since I've been in the city for a week, my skin tone has lightened and I'm now back to Caramel which is still perfectly usable and hasn't cracked yet. And I hope it stays that way because I'm spending too much money repurchasing refills. Next time I'll save the receipts so I can return them when this happens again.

Anyway, here's how Toffee looks on me. This was taken while I was on vacation in Mindanao last week. Looking past the bad formulation, I like this mineral foundation because it:

  • offers sheer to medium coverage
  • is faintly scented
  • is locally made with  natural ingredients
  • helps nix shine and oil 
  • is affordable 

Have you had any problems with mineral foundations? If you have any local mineral makeup discoveries, please share them with me in the comments. 


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