Monday, October 5, 2015

New LUX Perfumed Bath Collection in Magical Spell

I love bath time. It's the only opportunity I get to zone out, plus I love experimenting with new body washes. Yes dear readers, I used to be a bar soap kind of girl but I have now ventured into shower creams and gels in order to preserve my tan. I have this strange notion that soaps are harsh and may strip off my color faster than the usual (let's reserve that debate for another blog post). 

For me, bath time has always been a sensory experience. The warm droplets of water, the cool floor tiles, and the cushy feel of lather as I suds up with a fragrant body wash. My recent discovery is the new Lux Fine Fragrances in Magical Spell, a deeply fragrant body wash and soap combo with a sensual and sophisticated floral scent. 

I received my samples over the weekend, the plastic courier packaging smelled heavenly as I tore it open with excitement. What greeted me was the strong perfume-y scent of Black Orchids and Juniper Oil, and I will be honest -- I was put off at first. The scent was too strong for me and admittedly, I have been used to fragrance-free or mild scents.

Masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London, the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is now in the Philippines to enable Filipinas to feel fabulously feminine, as they leave a lasting and unforgettable impression wherever they go. LUX Magical Spell infuses skin with up to 8 hours of lasting perfume.

I didn't let my first impressions get the best of me, I reached out for the body wash and used it in the shower. The purple creamy liquid lathered well and rinsed off leaving me with a clean-clean feeling. If you're home from a full day of work and feel greasy or icky, then this kind of shower gel will definitely remove all the gunk, oil, and grime. It's not for those who desire a silky, moisturizing feel post-shower.

Another thing is that as soon as I've rinsed off the suds and the scent has dissipated a bit, my whole bathroom smelled heavenly! I noticed that as the heaviness of the perfume died down, it left a delectable scent on skin that stayed on for a good couple of minutes. If Lux came out with a body lotion combo, then I would recommend layering so as to prolong the scent.

I would recommend this to ladies who look forward to their "me" time in the shower and desire a luxe body wash to wash away the day's worries. I'd love to use this in a bath tub and create fragrant bubbles, I'd probably stay immersed for an hour. The small travel-size also means I can take this with me when I travel.

The new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection offers a selection of four different perfumed body washes and three perfumed bar soaps. Curious to test this out yourself? All my readers can experience the new LUX by signing up below. Hurry, as slots are limited!

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