Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Short Bouncy 'do with Almond Color Melt by JuRo Salon Exclusif

I said goodbye to my "signature" ballerina bun last Tuesday. That reliable ol' hair style (or semblance of a style) has served me well for the past 6 months when I didn't want to bother with hair in the city nor the beach. It was the easiest fallback when my hair was unkempt and I wanted a quick fix. After a while though, my hair was getting too heavy, too high maintenance (I was using so much conditioner on a daily basis), and too long. A makeover was in order, and of course I was going to my favorite stylist and colorist, JuRo Salon Exclusif

I'll be honest: I was putting off having even a trim because when you have a hobby, you want to be able to concentrate all your funds and effort on it so obviously, a trip to the salon was a luxury I can afford but chose to push back. So when ARC Public Relations invited me for another JuRo makeover, heck, I said yes! I felt it was time and I was in dire need of a drastic change.  

My last visit to JuRo was in January where they fixed my seaweed green hair (FYI, I've been a paying customer for years). Funny how seaweed has now become an inside joke among us. Never again, I tell ya!

Jude assesses my hair and true enough, it was damaged, knotted at the ends, the color had turned brassy due to saltwater + sunlight, and had no style at all. When Rose asked what if I wanted to have it cut short, I let out a YES right away -- but disclaimed that I wasn't ready for a pixie cut just yet. Let's ease our way into short hair, perhaps next time I can go shorter.

Rose already did her research and showed me her peg: a girl with mid-length tousled hair, it was wash and wear, easy to style. My heart skipped a beat. Let's do this, I said gleefully.

So Jude snips off 5 inches of hair while I held my breath. Precision cutting has always been Jude's expertise, studying every wave of hair, where it grows, how it rests, making sure that each snip will complement the texture and the color that will be applied later on.

Side note: Another plus at JuRo is the their freshly brewed coffee where the beans are roasted by Jude himself. Check out their Instagram for a peek. 

How embarrassing, but this is how my hair color looked like for many months. Initially I said I didn't want to have it colored because I will be beaching nonstop anyway and it will fade eventually, but of course Rose said, "You can surf and still be stylish at the same time." So yeah, maybe I should embrace this makeover wholeheartedly.

JuRo now uses Olaplex, a revolutionary professional product that strengthens hair bonds during coloring and dramatically reduces breakage after every color service.

After the cut, it was time for color. Rose is known for her freehand coloring style where she expertly applies hair color without a foil cap, concentrating on specific areas to frame the face, enhancing the waves in my hair, giving me a more sun-kissed look overall. She makes sure that this new color will complement my skin tone.

Not yet the finished look! After the freehand highlights, Rose applied the overall color which she calls an "almond color melt" which is a mix of several color nuances that blend beautifully into hair giving it dimension and texture. It's always easy to acquire the latest hair products but it takes a true master to apply them correctly, with restraint if need be. Rose is the first to practice that in the PH, learning and being educated by the pros in Italy and US early this year. 

Also the distributors of Italian brand Elgon to which Jude and Rose are ambassadors, my hair was literally bombarded with about 3 treatments for hair and scalp. The dynamic duo definitely does not scrimp on hair care, and makes sure that your mane is majorly soft and rehabilitated when you leave the salon.

Jude adds the finishing touches and my hair is blowdried to perfection. There is so much bounce and body, this should be illegal! My hair is shorter and more manageable that's for sure, and I love how the fringes frame my face beautifully.

I got to take home these Elgon goodies with the 7 Oils Blend being highly recommended by Rose.

Once again, another job well done by this dynamic duo! This shorter 'do made me wonder why it took so long for me to bite the bullet, I should've done this months ago! 

Thank you Jude and Rose for always taking care of my hair (and for nourishing me with your delicious coffee, yum), nothing can ever go wrong when I'm at your salon. Every time I visit I get top-notch service, not to mention a bespoke hairstyle that complements my simple, no-frills, beach-y lifestyle. At JuRo, I never feel that I am just a client -- I am always welcomed with such warmth that it feels like family. 

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