Friday, October 2, 2015

Artist Feature: Joanne Angelique Rebustillo and her Wahine Coloring Sheets

I'm always excited to feature and discover local talents and the first in this series is my high school classmate, Joanne Angelique Papa-Rebustillo. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit her art studio in Manila.

Fondly called Honey by her peers, she has been practicing the art of free flow design since high school and has since created artworks for establishments (she painted the walls of Majestic Puraran), participated in pop-up art fairs and exhibits, and recently just came up with a set of adult coloring sheets. She has perfected the art of free flow design wherein you start from just one area and let your creative juices flow from there.

She is also an accessory and wire designer, that's one of her best-selling pieces above. 

Mother & Child artwork
While conversing with Honey as I haven't seen her since high school graduation, she was also busy completing her latest commissioned artwork. Her weapons of choice: [glitter] pens, markers, and colored pencils. I told her free flow design looks very labor-intensive and what seemed to be a jimble-jumble of doodles at first, she was able to transform into an amazing illustration.

I will admit that I never really got on the adult coloring book trend that everyone seems to be crazy about. I never found the intricate designs relaxing, bookstores sold them for almost P700+ a piece, and the designs weren't attractive enough for me. But one look at Honey's "Wahine Oi!" coloring sheets and I was hooked!

Apart from the affordable price points (Php 260 for 13 sheets), these are all original illustrations that she has made by hand. A lot of the coloring books available in the market are computer-generated therefore are easy to replicate (and for me have no value at all). Honey's signed illustrations are based on her experiences, for example, her "Wahine Oi!" collection was based on her recent trip to Puraran, Catanduanes where her artworks grace the walls of Majestic Puraran Beach Resort (will include a photo soon).

Her other editions include "Tales & Tiaras" which was co-designed by her sister Ting and features fairy tale princesses from Pocahontas to Merida. 

"Petals & Blooms" features beautiful floral and butterfly illustrations.

How do these coloring sheets look like after you've filled them in with either watercolor or colored pencils? Check out what we made below. FYI, the sheets are made of  sturdy boards and will remain intact even when you've water-colored the areas.

Honey, together with hubby Joenell who is also a calligraphy and watercolor artist (aren't they just perfect?), holds regular workshops in their quaint studio in Manila.

the Dynamic Duo: Joenell and Honey
The intimate workshops comprised of 5-10 people will teach you the basics of free flow design, basic patterns, strokes, styles, etc. Workshops are only Php3,500 for 5 sessions. That's pretty intense and Honey won't make you leave the studio without making sure you have the basics down pat.

As a parting gift, Honey hands me a doodle which she accomplished in just 3 minutes. I am so touched, thank you so much!

You can order Honey's adult coloring sheets (Php 260/set):

Wahine Oi! - for beach bums, surfistas, and lovers of the sea
Petals & Blooms - beautiful floral illustrations
Tales & Tiaras - lovely fairy tale princesses

For orders, commissioned work, collaborations message her at 0917-8910104, follow her at Honey Studio and on her personal Instagram account


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