Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unboxing: BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox

I haven't done an unboxing in a long while, so I was very excited to check out the contents of the new BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox. (Thank you to the GB team -- Lia, Gretchen, Angel -- for sending me one!)

Carefully curated by the Glamourbox and BYS team, this limited edition release contains full-sized BYS bestsellers that will tickle the senses of any makeup pro. In my case, I dabble lightly in makeup and yet the selection is enticing me to experiment.

So let's start the unboxing: 

Encased in a classy and sturdy box that Glamourbox is known for, the makeup was delivered in excellent condition. 

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A run through of each product below: 

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet - Php 449/8g (full size)

A contour palette that came right on time! My Mom and I were already contemplating on getting one since we *almost* share the same skin tone now. Contouring and highlighting is something that I've always wanted to learn so this travel-sized kit will come in handy.

The contour powder is blendable and not overly dark, while the peachy cheek blush (with gold microshimmer) will look darling on any skin tone.

I am mostly excited about this product -- too excited that I nicked it while taking photos D:

BYS Blush Duo (Miss Pink or Paint it Pink) - Php 349/5g (full size)

Another blush wouldn't hurt but I'm not too happy about the vivid pink color, though quality is good and you'll get a pigmented swipe even when applied with a light hand.

Nail Enamel in Electrified - Php199/14g (full size)
Striking blue nail polish

Matte Lipstick in Tango - Php 299/3.5g
You can never go wrong with a classic blue-based red, but I think it's high time to explore other shades at this point (mauve, browns, deep berries, etc.)

Brow Definition Kit in 01 Wow Brows - Php399/4g (full size)
Keep your brow game strong with the Brow Kit that contains 3 shadows + wax to keep hairs in place. Comes with a double ended [angled] brush. 

Nude Eyeshadow Palette - Php1,199/12g (full size)
And the star of this box is the Nude Eyeshadow Palette which contains 4 matte shadows and 8 shimmery shadows. I had to wait for the sun to come shining to show you that these are absolutely gorgeous and do remind you of that other nude palette that's a cult-fave the world over *wink*

folds nicely
Thankfully, BYS took some time to think about the compact because this is a mix of aluminum and plastic. BYS is known to have very flimsy drugstore plastic packaging, so this looks and feels a little bit more hefty and sturdy. And thankfully (again!), they included a mirror. 


Plastic packaging
Okay, while I do like the practicality of the entire collection I'm still iffy about the flimsy packaging. It's the kind of plastic that really screams "drugstore!" and it feels like it may shatter when dropped or crack when shoved in a kit full of stuff. Case in point, after shooting my Contour  Kit it didn't want to snap shut anymore.  

Lack of mirrors
While I imagine that pros might not need the mirrors since they bring a studio makeup case for shoots, us normal folk do find this teeny detail helpful especially when applying on the go. 

Additional products
This is just me, but I would love the box even more if they had a mascara or liquid liner in there. Or the lip tar!

Pour conclure: 

Overall, this is still an impressive collab between BYS and Glamourbox. I mean, I do spot BYS whenever I head to the mall's beauty section but rarely would I stop and actually swatch. So glad that I was still able to "discover" new products from the brand through the beauty box. Also, I can imagine the various makeup looks you can achieve by using the palette and contour kit alone. And there are no rules with makeup, as you can even use the brow powder as eye shadow, one of the shadows in the palette as a highlighter, etc. Get creative! So whether you are a budding makeup artist, a beauty enthusiast, or a pro, you will get your money's worth with this purchase. 

The limited edition BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox is available for only Php 1,100 (which is technically the price of the palette) but it boasts of a total value of Php2,894. Get this if you're new to the brand and would like to explore the world of BYS, or a makeup aficionado and would like to amp up your kit. 

Stay tuned as we'll do a makeup post using these BYS products soon!

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