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The BYS x Glamourbox Makeup Workshop

If you're smitten by the new BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox and are excited to testdrive the products, here are some pointers that we picked up from the recently concluded advanced makeup workshop held at CAS. Sponsored by the BYS and Glamourbox team, and facilitated by pro MUA Katch Mejias, we learned how to maximize the BYS products included in the box as well as enjoyed the company of Manila's top beauty and lifestyle bloggers.   

By the way, CAS has now relocated to their newest studio along Gamboa street, a quick 2-minute walk from Greenbelt and beside CFMNL.

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Lia, CEO of Glamourbox, gives a quick speech on their newest beauty sampling box release. Their partnership with BYS is in celebration of the brand's 3 successful years in the Philippines. Though considered as a mass market/drugstore brand, BYS was able to break the barrier and show that quality need not be pricey -- their cosmetics are highly pigmented and can rival most high-end brands in terms of quality and finish.

MUA Katch gives us a rundown of the top trends for the season: strobing, baking (ala Kim K), bare face + strong lashes, nude lips, and plum/berry lips.


Strobing is just a fun word for highlighting wherein you apply an illuminating product where light would naturally hit your face thus giving you a natural effervescent glow. 

Apply highlighter on your temples carefully avoiding the center of your forehead (especially if you're oily), under the eyes (below the pupil outwards), cupid's bow, down your nose, and chin.

Apply blush below the highlighter starting from near the ear, then gently brush downward to diffuse the product.

To accentuate the jaw, you can use the darker contour powder from the BYS Contour Kit and apply under the jaw area. Ta-daaah! You can see on the model that strobing accentuated her cheekbones in a very natural and non-cakey way. She looks radiant!


"Baking" refers to applying translucent powder to face, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes, (which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer), then dusting it off to reveal a creaseless and flawless finish. This term has been used in the drag community for years so we have them to thank for this wonderful makeup technique.

Using a sponge or Beauty Blender, apply lots of translucent powder to forehead, under the eyes, below the cheekbones (below the blush that was applied earlier), and on chin.

Tighlitning is another technique that is getting more traction than simple application of eyeliner these days. Best when used with a gel eyeliner, tightlining means applying product on the inner skin area at the lash roots. Make sure to apply as close to the lash roots as possible, this makes lashes look fuller without the obvious dark line of regular eyeliners. 

Pick any neutral eye shadow from either the BYS Nude 1 or Nude 2 palette, or conveniently pick one from the Brow Kit (matte).

For brow-sessed ladies who are confused as to which is better, pencil or shadow (I personally love pencils hands-down), Katch gives this advice:
Pencil - use this if you have sparse brows and need to fill in gaps
Shadow - use this if your brows have their own shape, are filled in already, and you only need to create depth and shadow

Katch also applied mascara + falsies for added oomph. 

To finish off the look, you can apply red or peachy lipstick. Katch used BYS Matte Lipstick in Tango.  

Seal the lipstick in place by blotting with a tissue and dusting loose powder over it.

The final look is glowing skin with accentuated features. I would love to try contouring/strobing at home, it would look perfect with a tan :)

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Even though this was an advanced class, I loved how Katch made it look so easy and explained everything in detail. God knows I don't apply full-on makeup on a daily basis, but I am so excited to try these looks using my BYS palettes.

Wanting a makeover, I asked Angel of Pinkoolaid to show her contouring skills using BYS products and my own Charm Pro Makeup brushes

I'm wearing a pale pink lippie called BYS In Love
And then Martha started to up the ante by giving me a quick smokey eye tutorial. I love the beauty blogging community because everyone is so helpful!

BYS also gave us first dibs on their new waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner Pen. 

Lia, Me, Martha
Thank you BYS and Glamourbox for inviting me to such a fun makeup workshop, and congratulations again on a very successful collaboration!

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