Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sleek MakeUP Blush in Rose Gold

I hardly wear blushes nowadays, my makeup life has become so simple and basic (channeling the island life) that blushes and mascaras are considered luxuries. Still, my sights are set out in search of the perfect pinky rose-slash-coral blush. When Luxola got in touch with me and offered to send 2 blushes my way for review, I was more than willing to test them out. 

First up is the blush from Sleek MakeUp. I've seen this brand around but was only able to try the eyebrow pencil last month and found it too waxy, I gave it away. So, Sleek has got to redeem itself this time.

Take your pick from a wide range of natural shades from Sleek Blush. No matter what your skin tone is or the look you are going for, we got you covered. If you desire beautiful, summer-ready cheeks, this blush is ideal for you. It also ensures a natural, vivid finish even if you are looking to go subtle. Grab your choice of pigmented, quality shades with Sleek MakeUP.
Price: Php 498/8g 
Where to buy: www.Luxola.com
Small and handy, it comes in a easy to clean plastic compact with mirror. While unwrapping the package, I initially thought it would be a fingerprint-magnet like the Nars blushes but thank god the plastic compact was just matte. 

Heralded as a Nars Orgasm dupe, the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold offers a pinky coral flush of color with a generous overspray of gold shimmer. It's said to work on all skin tones and the description says it gives a vivid hue, but I think it shows up on fairer skin tones best. 

Upon opening, you'll get a whiff of its scented formula reminiscent of old world glamour. It's very light and won't cause you to sneeze even if you've been used to unscented products. 

If you're on the medium-deeper side and find this too light or the color doesn't show up as much, know that it can double duty as a highlighter. Just apply with a light hand on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, forehead for an ethereal glow. Don't apply too much as the shimmer will highlight teeny wrinkles and other skin imperfections. I had slight difficulty capturing the shimmer on cam but you can see the highlights on my cheek.

Overall, it's the kind of blush that my achi and I can share. She's on the fair side while I'm more of a medium (tanned). I think this will look great when applied on a sunkissed nose, wouldn't you agree?

If you're looking at trying this out, or want to explore the wonderful world of Luxola (it's a black hole, I tell ya!), visit Luxola.com/ph and use my code BLX-KIRAR to enjoy 25% off on your first order. This offer expires on September 30, 2015.

You can shop for more blushes at Luxola, and learn how to pick the perfect shade here


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