Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New to try: Rose-C Botanical Glow-Boosting Beauty Bundle from The Happy Organics

If you feel like your skin is ashy, drab, and needs a little pick-me-upper, then it may be time to exfoliate and brighten! In small quantities though, I do approve of brightening products in order to bring back that luminous glow. Hydroquinone and bleaching is totally off limits and not healthy in any way, so let's explore a more natural route. 

Last year, local brand The Happy Organics sent me their natural cold-pressed soaps: the Double Detox Bar and Pink Himalayan Salts Goat's Milk Bar. Just this week they released their newest addition, the Rose-C Botanical Glow-Boosting Beauty Bundle, a skin care set meant to lighten skintone naturally while nourishing it with botanicals. Let's go through each one.

Rose-C Botanical Glow-Boosting Spritz Toner (Php275/50ml or Php 495/100ml)

Freshen up anytime of the day with this natural toner/facial mist that smells of freshly picked oranges. Does not feel sticky on skin and can be used under and over makeup.Contains rosewater to moisturize skin, antioxidants such as Green Tea and Vitamin C to boost skin's health, while Niacinamide Vitamin B3 lightens skintone. Spray is not as fine as Caudalie so make sure to spray far away from your face when applying this over makeup. 

Rose-C Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder with SPF 20 (Php 375/20g)

Mattify skin with this antioxidant face powder that contains SPF 20, arbutin for whitening, organic rose petals, and natural plant oils. Comes in a huge tub with puff for easy application on the go. It only comes in 1 shade which will purportedly match most skin tones but if you are on the medium-deeper side, use a brush and a lighter hand.

When applied, skin feels soft, silky, and matte. Powder is reminiscent of most translucent finishing powders used to set makeup, except it's not a fine and is heavily scented.

Rose-C Botanical Glow-Boosting Face Creme (Php375/30ml)

A daily repair moisturizer with aloe vera extracts and wheatgrass to firm and improve skin, a synergistic blend of healing plant oils from Pumpkin Seed, Rosehip Seed, Argan, Jojoba and Avocado oils which help boost natural collagen production and aid skin rejuvenation, while damask rose, hibiscus, bearberry, liquorice & olive leaf help whiten, brighten, firm and clear skin.

This day cream is further spiked with SPF 20 due to its zinc oxide ingredient. For ladies with oily/combi skin, this moisturizer sets slightly matte and my only caveat is it smells rather musky.

Explore more of The Happy Organics at https://instagram.com/thehappyorganics/.


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