Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Blissful Spa-rty with Zoya

Towards the end of the month is when work gets either a little too hectic (trying to beat deadlines or sales quotas before cut-off) or too chill (when I've reached my quota and am just planning for the coming month). This month was somewhere in the middle -- I've reached my personal quota early on but some didn't pan out as expected so I was sort of in a rush to make up for them. 

Suffice to say, taking time off to have something as simple as a manicure and pedicure was not something I'd like to squeeze into my schedule. But lo and behold, the universe conspired and gave me an opportunity to get pampered -- and it was located near the office as well!

It was an invite from Martine of Make It Blissful and I was to be Alex's plus one. I've tried Zoya nail polishes before and wasn't too impressed with the colors, most salons only stock a couple of shimmery shades so I usually go for Orly or OPI. I'm curious to discover what other shades and formulations Zoya has to offer. 

Zoya is known worldwide as a luxe toxin-free/natural nail polish brand with over hundreds of shades available. I've had my fair share of Zoya experiences but if there's one thing I can bank on, it's that the health of the nails are not compromised when you use Zoya. Some commercial brands turn nails yellow, or there is some color transference when you leave the polish on for weeks (as in the case of my Etude House nail polish where my nails turned a hint of coral after keeping the polish on longer than usual). 

Because Zoya is 5-free (does not contain fomaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toulene, and Dibutyl Phthalate) it can be used even when handling kids, pets, even when you are pregnant. It is definitely safer to use than your run-of-the-mill nail polish.

The spa-rty was also an avenue for Zoya to announce the release of their newest Naturel and Naturel Satins nail colors in dainty shades. My girly heart is a-flutter: these colors are so pretty, I want them all!

Now we're all used to the typical glossy finish but Zoya introduces Satins which is a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes and is not intended to be worn with a top coat. Its what Zoya calls "low-sheen", not glossy and not completely matte either. 

I will admit, I took so much time deciding on what to wear -- but for sure I wanted to go for the Satin shades which dry to an almost matte-slash-pearlescent finish. Did you go through that phase where you'd paint your nails with Liquid Paper and draw on them using glitter pens or markers? I did! And the satin finish really reminded me of those high school days. 

With Alex
I haven't been very visible at events recently so it was nice to see fellow bloggers Julia and Alex.

I asked my therapist to cut my nails super short on account of I am on the laptop 70% of the time, plus I have dogs and do so much housework. Shorter nails may not be the most glamorous, but they help get the job done.

Zoya Satins in Brittany (blush pink)
Look at that! My first foray in to semi-matte nail polishes and I am loving it! 

Question: How many times has this happened to you -- you spend almost half an hour drying your nails at the salon and the moment you think you're all good to go, you try to zip up your bag or get your wallet to pay and you either a) ruin your nails, or b) realize that they aren't fully dried yet and your topcoat is smushed with fingerprints? How frustrating! This has happened to me many times and I really get OC about it! 

Now, Satins may be a little tricky to apply as errors are easily visible but they do dry faster than usual (like 10 minutes) and are virtually budge-proof after that. Sweet, huh?

My P-nut necklace is also getting some love in this photo, this was a gift from my Achi last year. 

With Alex and Martine
Zoya is available in all Beauty & Butter branches with Megamall having the most extensive selection. I will definitely be back and am buying several of those Naturel Satins.

For more info visit: 

Zoya PH on Facebook
Beauty & Butter on Facebook


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