Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The social media black hole

I was reading this when it dawned on me -- social media has betrayed me so many times! I log on to nonchalantly check my Instagram feed during lull moments or while waiting for my ride, and before I know it I've been sucked in endlessly scrolling or bouncing off from article to article, online shop to online shop. And then 40 minutes later I am still immersed!

Feedly is love
How many times has this happened to you: you wake up when your alarm goes off, still a little woozy you decide to just sleep in for another 5 minutes - but wait! - let me check my IG, FB, Twitter first and then it all snowballs from there. I sometimes catch my sister underneath the covers, with only a beam of light from her iPhone screen. Is social media consuming us or what?!

We're all guilty, I'm sure. Here's a rundown of my fave apps (in order of importance) that I check every waking moment (I exaggerate):

1. Instagram

Of course, I get my good vibes from Instagram. From positive quotes to kickstart my day, bikins for sale, animal photos from NatGeo, and even photos of people on holiday get me in a good mood. These things always make me look forward to my next out of town trip. I don't follow a lot of fashion stuff because I'd rather look at beautiful photos of the ocean or of cute baby animals than see what everyone's wearing.

2. Feedly

Whoever created Feedly is a genius! Imagine collating all of your favorite websites and blogs in 1 app and viewing it magazine-style. It's so pretty and organized I always look forward to checking the app for new posts every couple of hours or so. It's definitely one of my favorite apps to date, and I spend many of my "black hole" moments here.

3. Facebook & Twitter

These two are low in my priority list because most people flood FB with selfies and other mundane stuff. However, most of my weird brainfarts are posted on Twitter (where none of my relatives can read them, hrhr).

4. Gmail

Work stuff and blog emails. Important as well, but I only read them when I'm really awake.

How about you, which apps take up most of your time?


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