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Review: Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 PA+++

I am a sucker for sunscreen! Every time I go to the beach I bring a different brand in order to test its efficacy. Sun protection is one of the things that my parents inculcated early on, I think I've been using one since I was twelve years old. 

The most recent sunscreen product I received as a gift from Jessa is the Cetaphil Daylong Liposomal Lotion for Face & Body SPF 30 PA+++. I've been very curious about Daylong mainly because I've been a user of Cetaphil for years, though I've honestly never thought about purchasing because I was hesitant to pay a hefty price, plus I've always relied on my trusted sunscreen from VMV

So anyway, I brought the Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 PA+++ to my recent trip to Baler and I'll cut to the chase: I loved the texture bigtime but the protection is something they need to work on.

Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 is a liposomal sunscreen spray suitable for sun-sensitive skin. It is water-resistant, and offers reliable skin protection for both face and body against solar radiation thanks to UVA, UVB and IR protection. 
  • High protection (SPF 30)
  • Very water-resistant 
  • Non-greasy with great skin feeling
  • Cares for skin with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • No perfumes, PEG emulsifiers or additional preservatives
  • Dermatologically tested
Price: Php 1,290

What does liposomal mean?

Lifting from the website, Liposomes ("lipos" is Greek for fat, and "soma" means body) are a certain kind of spherical surface-active molecule in a liquid. The liposomal Daylong lotions lead to a targeted penetration of sunscreen filters in the skin’s upper subcorneous layer, which allows protection to the place where it is effective. By targeting the sunscreen filters in the subcorneous layer (increase in penetration, reduction of permeation), they make the product safer. The liposomal foundation means Daylong products are not greasy or sticky, have a low lipid content, and are cosmetically comfortable -- which makes them suitable for oily as well as dry skin.

Perfectly lightweight

how it looks like when sprayed
I can only sing praises for Daylong's lightweight and easily absorbed texture: it was watery and almost scentless, my skin just absorbed it instantly, it was 100% non-greasy. It did leave a teeny bit of sheen on the face (I have combination skin which meant oily in T-zone and dry in the cheek area) and makes for a comfortable sunscreen + skin moisturizer when going about bare-faced at the beach. Makeup is a no-no because I fear clogged pores and pimples (and believe me, my skin reacts to just about anything when I'm at the beach). 

Sun Protection

It was the first time my nose, shoulders, and forehead turned pink because of sunburn!
While it boasts of SPF 30 PA+++, unfortunately the formula was severely tested and failed when used for surfing. The consistency was thin and spreadable but after an average of 2 hours of water activity, my shoulders and the bridge of my nose was burned. I've Instagrammed it here and received comments that:

  • SPF 30 may not be enough for the beach
  • I may require thicker lotions for stronger sun protection

Let me address both comments here: 

1. The SPF 30 issue

While a lot have suggested I use sunscreen with at least SPF 50, I do agree that SPF 30 is pretty basic and may not be adequate for prolonged water activities/beach trips. However it's also been discussed that the difference of SPF 30 and 50 is only a mere 1%-4%. An SPF 50 and up may make people more complacent and prevent them from re-applying, so an SPF 30 is recommended in order to remove that false sense of security and "force" people to reapply every few hours or after sweating/water immersion. Is it a matter of SPF numbers? My understanding is it would boil down to reapplication and how much product you applied in the first place (less product, less protection obviously).

But I did apply generously and as per instructions on the box, apply 20 minutes before water immersion and sun exposure (I think I even waited 30 minutes for it to set because I napped shortly after application). The product may need additional ingredients to help it stay put, even though it says "very water-resistant" on the label.

2. Thicker consistency issue

I am inclined to agree that thicker lotions may provide more protection for fair-skinned ladies like me, by virtue of it being able to stick to skin more. Case in point, Raw Elements SPF 30 which is thick and greasy but boasts of the zinc oxide ingredient. It has impressively protected us many times (in Baler and Batanes) where commercial sunscreens have failed. It's what I used on my last day of surfing, generously applying on my nose and shoulder to "counteract"the burn.

I'm starting to peel :(
However, I am also questioning how come the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 20 which is also watery in consistency and I've used twice in La Union back when I was fairer, did not cause my skin to burn. The difference though, is that Nivea's has a little more of a slip and leaves an obvious sunscreen sheen on skin (could this equate to more protection?). Take note that Nivea, VMV, and Daylong all employ Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate as their sunscreen ingredient, it diffuses or scatters UV rays and helps prevent skin from burning.

Good for sensitive skin

From the makers of the popular Galderma, I'm pretty confident that ladies with sensitive skin will love this. It is really lightweight and non-oily, but I did get a few blemishes after use mainly because my skin is really hyper-sensitive and any sort of exposure to the sun always gives me comedones (sun + sweat + sunscreen = clogged pores). So that's a disclaimer right there, if you're hyper-sensitive you may experience breakouts or blemishes on the face. 

Pour conclure

I tried to love the Daylong Spray Lotion SPF 30 PA+++, I really did. I did burn and good sensibilities is telling me to just keep it for city use. But because I was really impressed with the non-greasy finish, I'm willing to give it a second chance and see if a more generous application would make a difference. I will update this post if there are any changes, otherwise Daylong will really be demoted to a city sunscreen.

In any case, if you're looking for a really lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen, I would recommend trying this out. I'm crossing my fingers you'll have a better experience with it. 

Have you tried anything from Daylong? 
What's your top sunscreen product?


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