Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Honey skin care recipes, anyone?

And just like that, I am merely 3 days away from my next surf trip! I cannot wait, seriously. I had purposely skipped surfing in July to make up for lost time work-wise, and now my much-deserved vacation is on the horizon and I am just too excited for words!!! If I could add more !!! I would, I am really that excited!

Anyway while drinking my usual warm cup of green tea in the morning with a generous drizzle of Mindoro raw honey, it got me thinking about honey as a skin care ingredient. I've come across several articles on it, and Vivi of EcoBeautySecrets has Instagrammed it a while back. Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties and I believe that this combined with my green tea (a natural antioxidant) every day for the past 4 months has greatly improved my immune system. I used to be sickly and succumbed to cough and colds easily even with regular intake of copious amounts of vitamin C, but since that new addition to my diet I haven't been sick in months. Add the fact that I also became more relaxed when I quit the 9-5 daily grind.

So, that further enticed me to try honey as a possible facial wash, mask, or blemish buster. Though I haven't actually started, I'll probably do so when I get back from my trip or during the end of the month (when my work schedule is a little bit more forgiving).

In the meantime, please share your skin care recipes which involve honey. I'd love to try them out soon, and please share how your honey regimen has improved your skin. I'm currently susceptible to blemishes on my forehead due to overexposure to the sun (perspiration + heat = clogged pores), and due to sunscreen use (I may need to wash my face thoroughly) so any skin-clearing tips would greatly help.


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