Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy 1st month, #BabyMeerkat!

It's true that a puppy can change your life enormously. When we found out Mom's chihuahua, Pixie, was pregnant, we were all half-excited and half-anxious. We haven't had a puppy grace our presence in years, but we were also apprehensive about the expenses that came with it.  

When #BabyMeerkat arrived last month at 6:44pm (dubbed as such because he looked like a meerkat, mousey hair and all), we were all so ecstatic! Little did we know that the hardwork was just about to begin.

Pixie, the mom, wasn't too keen on nursing and would bite us every time we'd attempt to bring the puppy close to her. So we decided to feed the puppy ourselves every 2-4 hours with puppy milk from the vet.

Fast forward to many sleepless nights feeding, cleaning up, trying to keep the puppy warm, Baby Meerkat has now turned a month old! He can now walk, play, and chase the other chihuahuas, and is even toilet-trained. We all love him so much, he is such a blessing to our family. We all can't wait to get home from work to cuddle and kiss him.

Happy 1st month, Baby Meerkat! 
Epsilon and I love you very, very much!


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