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Exploring Batanes: Diura Spring of Youth, Uyugan

When we travel, we usually allot one free day to go exploring after doing all the touristy stuff. On our fourth day in Batanes, we asked Kuya Dennix (our tour guide) where we should venture to next and he recommended the Diura Spring of Youth in Uyugan. Initially I was so gung-ho about biking to Uyugan (and I was advised it was possible) but since Mom didn't know how to bike and Dad wasn't too keen on prolonged sun exposure, we decided to take the easy route: hire a tricycle. 

So the plan of action was to have lunch first then head to Uyugan by 3pm. We took the tricycle (only 2 pax per tricycle allowed) and rode to Diura Fishing Village in Barangay Uvoy, Mahatao. Each ride took about 30 minutes and cost Php 200 each, and they will drop you off at the Fishing Village then you proceed with a 30-minute trek up the mountain (we figured it would take 45 minutes because we were with the parentals, hihi). 

in the tricycle

You're required to register in every tourist center, and I picked up this cute hat while on the way. 

The trek up looked easy...but you'll have to snake up over rough, rocky terrain with no fences. We were very concerned about our parents because it will be so easy to slip if you're not careful, so we took our sweet time and waited patiently with Kuya Dennix assisting.

Once in a while we'd stop, catch our breath, and look towards the coastline: the view was majestic and wish we could take a dip in the sea. But then again, it's a reef beach and I didn't have Aqua shoes with me :(

the parentals

The road here is littered with hermit crabs of all sizes! From the baby hermies to the large ones as big as fists! We were so ecstatic, it reminded me of my pet hermies in my Crabitat (check my other blog for deets). FYI, Batanes is strict about preserving nature and they don't allow poaching of any animals here. 

At the "entrance," you'll be greeted by the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto which sits on the top of a hill.

Walk a little further and you'll see the Diura Spring of Youth (locally called Rakuh-a-idi Spring), a man-made freshwater spring which flows from the mountains then goes straight into Diura Beach. Near the spring is a small hut for resting/eating and a small toilet room (for changing).

The water was cool and refreshing and it was a welcome respite from the tiresome walk and heat of the sun. Diura Beach was within view and you can walk towards the beach and wade in the warm salty waters.

And then it was time to say goodbye and head back to the Fishing Village as our tricycles were scheduled to come back for us at 5pm.

After that long arduous climb, would I have still opted to bike to Uyugan?! Probably not. I think I would have died going there xD

As it was our last day in Basco, we decided to throw a simple thanksgiving dinner with our gracious hosts, tour guide, and driver. We chose Pension Ivatan and got the Ivatan Platter (Php1,800) for sharing. 

If you remember, the Ivatan Platter offers a delish medley of steamed lobster, coconut crab (not in photo), beef tadyang, luñis (similar to adobo), vunes (dried gabi stalks), uved balls, yellow rice (with turmeric), fried flying fish, grilled pusit, and salsa. 

Leah and Christa from DDD Habitat
From L-R: Tish. Mom, Leah, Dad, Christa, Dennix

So that's it for our Batanes exscapade! If you're just starting to explore the Philippines I highly recommend booking a trip to Batanes. Go biking, trekking, swimming, exploring, and if you have more time to spare head to Itbayat, live among the Ivatans, and stay for a couple of days. 

If you've visited Batanes, please share your experiences in the comments. I'd love to know what you've were up to :)

*Our exclusive tours were booked through DDD Habitat.
Rates: Php 25,000~ for 4 pax inclusive of:

  • Siayan Room (good for 4)
  • duration: 5 days 4 nights
  • package tour (guide + driver) 
  • lunch during the tours

To get in touch with our tour guide, contact:
Dennix Cantor: 0948-2048358 / 0916-3214303

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