Thursday, August 6, 2015

Do you believe in second chances?

Not in matters of the heart, but in beauty products! Let's say you chance upon a glowing review written by a respected blogger/makeup artist, the product intrigues you which results to endless Google searches on the positive and negative effects of the said product. You swing by the mall and swatch, you're on the fence about it, but hey you'll come back next time, you say to the sales staff. 

A week passes and it's still on your mind. You pass by the store and swatch for the nth time while Googling on your mobile. You decide to bite the bullet and purchase, and go along your merry way knowing that your life will change the moment you get home. Because, isn't that what beauty brands promise anyway?

Does this premise sound familiar? Sometimes I'm enticed by hefty product claims, amazing flatlays on Instagram, and well-written blog reviews. And yet some products still don't work well for me. I leave it in my cabinet, forget about it for a couple of months, then do my regular spring cleaning, spot the "lonely" product on the shelf and think, "Hmmm..maybe I should give this another shot?"

Sometimes a brand is too famous that it can do no wrong, or so we think. Let's take into account my Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Clay Cleanser (please note that this is not a jab at Kiehl's per se, it is merely my example). Google it and you'll discover that it's a pretty popular skin purifier and goes for about Php1,200 locally.

The texture is luxuriously creamy with very tiny (almost negligible) scrubbies. There was nothing wrong with this product in theory and I wish I could say that I loved this cleanser, but during the first week it broke me out big time (purging period?). I'm a lover of clay masks but I guess there was something else in the ingredients list that my skin reacted to :( I rediscovered this while cleaning out my cabinet last July and decided to give it another try because sayang the Php1,200, but this time as a body cleanser because I don't want to risk getting any more pimples

What about you? Have you experienced buyer's remorse? I'm sure you have, spill! Have you given any skin care or makeup product a second look hoping the results will be different, or at the very least, better? Share your experiences with me in the comments.


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