Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cheapo find: Watsons Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

On account of being cheap frugal, I'd go drugstore skin care/makeup all the way. Even when abroad you'd see me scamper to the nearest drugstore (Guardian, John Little, Target, etc.) just to check out the lot. Drugstore finds give me a little bit of a high, because you never know what goldmine might be lurking behind aisle number 6. 

So understandably, I get all anxious and excited whenever I pass by a local Watsons. The allure of finding something at dirt cheap prices, wow exciting. My last Watsons "discovery" (if you will) is this Eye & Lip Makeup Remover which I got on the fly last year while traversing the aisles (before that it was the Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner which I fervently love to this day). I posted it on Twitter and a few said I should go ahead and review it. I may be 6 months late but I hope this is still relevant to you guys. 

Granting I don't wear waterproof makeup on my entire face as it's just mostly waterproof mascara on most days, the Watsons Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover works just as well as any makeup remover in the market. It's gently scented and removes eye and eyebrow makeup easily without having to tug your eye area. Less tugging = less wrinkles, yay.

In the world of bi-phase makeup removers, they're practically all the same formulation-wise with some higher end ones probably spiked with more fancy oils. This one by Watsons contains Rose extracts, vitamin E, and Apricot oil for added moisture.

I know you're thinking you can get the same product over at Maybelline, L'Oreal, Ever Bilena, etc., and I don't blame you. But what I'm getting at is consider this next time you shop at Watsons (and I bet you're there every other week stocking up on toiletries), Php 139/100ml product is pretty darn good.


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