Tuesday, August 18, 2015

All-natural & Refreshing: Lemongrass House Shower Gel

Have you tried lemongrass iced tea? Ugh. I remember having dinner with my then-boyfriend and I mistakenly ordered lemongrass tea, took a sip, didn't like it, and while the bf was away, I switched our drinks. Haha. I'm really not a fan. But lemongrass in shower gels or soaps are a different story altogether. Grassy scents are the sort of things that wake me up in the shower, and this shower gel is proof of that. 

The Lemongrass Shower Gel was given to me by Vivi (my all-natural skin care guru) a couple of years back (yes, it's still good to use and hasn't expired) when I visited her in Singapore, I had hid it in my cabinet of treasured natural products and just broke it open last weekend in Baler. 

Fresh, botanical extracts such as Cucumber & Aloe Vera cleanse the skin & awaken the senses. Essential Oil enhances this vegetable based shower gel which produces a bubbling lather to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Gently cleansing, refreshing lather of lemongrass moisturizes and softens the skin. Perfect for everyday use!
Lemongrass House is a spa and skin care brand that specializes in offering products made from fresh ingredients derived from safe and renewable resources. After years of learning the art of Aromatherapy in remote farms around the world, couple Bobby and Palita Duchowny established Lemongrass House in 1996. Initially headquartered in Phuket, the brand has now expanded internationally to include Hongkong, Australia, Russia, etc. 

Free from SLS and parabens, this shower gel makes for a gentle yet thorough cleanser (with lots of suds) in the shower with its aloe vera and coconut oil surfactant base spiked with jojoba and lemongrass oils, sea kelp and grapefruit seed extracts for extra moisturization. The texture is thick (not runny) and easily cleanses skin without leaving it taut. It's gentle even on sunburnt skin and the scent although pretty detectable in the shower, dissipates when rinsed off. When in a pinch this doubles as a shampoo, too.

I browsed the Lemon House website and would love to try their other products. I guess the only caveat is I can't find their prices online and they're not available locally :/ But next time I swing by Singapore I'll definitely grab their face cream and pet products.

For more info, check out http://www.lemongrasshousethailand.com/


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