Thursday, July 2, 2015

Using up the last bits of my Raw Elements EcoFormula 30+ Lotion

It's sad that Cutieverse isn't carrying Raw Elements anymore because it really is one of the most effective sunscreens out there. When we surfed without sunscreen a couple of weeks back (stupid idea, I know), I tanned majorly but my friend was burned. I lent her my Raw Elements when we surfed again the next day and she noticed that it worked better than her drugstore sunscreen -- there was hardly any burning or stinging, and it stays on well even during prolonged water immersion. I, on the other hand, appreciate the fact that my skin tolerates the formula as anything with silicones (in large quantities) would make my skin go loco (read: make me breakout or give me dermatitis).

The lotion formula though is not for every day use. It's rather too thick and pasty, and if you have combi skin you might find that it leaves a tacky feel on the skin. But if you're at the beach, you can lather it on with impunity because you'll be in the water most of the time anyway and nobody cares if your face is whiter than the rest of your body. Coincidentally, it's also my face that tans the most due to the sun's reflection on the water, I have yet to have that even enviable tan as it's my chest that's the fairest still (I'll reserve that for another blog post siguro).

Another thing, I brought this with me to Batanes and I wasn't scared about layering or re-applying several times a day because the formula is, well, organic so I know it won't clog pores. Raw Elements has won recognition as the best organic sunscreen by EWG, FYI, and that gave me some sort of assurance regarding its skin-friendliness.

And for those of you who've been to Batanes, you know how hot is over there during the months of April - June. This is my face after climbing the hills in Tinyan Viewpoint:

Yes, we were all sweaty and you will notice traces of the white zinc oxide on my face. Any sunscreen will still give you a tan especially when you're exposed from 10am-3pm but at least I did not burn, and where there's sweat involved, I'm glad it didn't disintegrate and sting my eyes either.

The caveat is, the smell is rather funky and the white cast will show up with flash photography. But really, that's a small price to pay for sun protection, right? Other interesting facts I pulled up from the Raw Elements website:

  • the neon tube floats in water (so cool I shall try this next time!)
  • formula can be applied to wet skin and it will still stay put
  • contains antioxidants to nourish skin (extracts of green tea, black tea, hemp seed oil)

Since this is the last of the Mohicans (wow so 90s, I'm a Tita), I shall be saving this tube and hoping it still lasts for the next few months. So sorry, I won't share na next time, hihi.

Cutieverse, please bring back Raw Elements and carry the Eco-Tint please!


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