Monday, July 13, 2015

Smooth & Hair-free: Revlite Laser Treatment at Skinhouse

One thing I don't regret having done is underarm laser hair removal last year. It's true that being hairless immensely makes life more convenient, and makes dressing up in the morning so much easier. And especially if you beach often, not having to fuss about random hair and other fuzz is a godsend. 

With hair out of the way, let's focus on another common problem ladies face which is having dark or uneven skin tone. And Revlite, the newest treatment everyone is raving about, aims to improve all that. 

I am no stranger to Revlite as I've had 4 sessions done last year on the face, and my facialist really noticed the difference on the dermal level. This time, Joanne Yu (owner of Skinhouse) reached to me and invited me to try out Revlite for the underarms. 

As I've had experience with Skinhouse (Mayon branch) in the past as a paying customer, I was confident that I'd be satisfied with the experience in their newest branch in Pioneer, Mandaluyong. 

Skinhouse Pioneer just opened last June and the interiors of this branch is a quick departure form the clinical ambiance of the Mayon branch. Located in Pioneer Centre (a couple of minutes from the Pioneer MRT Station), this one is more relaxed, more posh, and decidedly bigger. 


What is Revlite?

Revlite is a laser therapy treatment that can improve the appearance of skin tone, counteract the effects of skin aging, lighten pigmentation and overall skin tone, treat acne, and even eradicate fine hair. It can be used on practically any body part but is popularly used on the underarms and face. Skinhouse uses the RevLite EO Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser and it gives the effect of smoother and lighter underarms (goodbye chicken skin!), with hair removal (of fine hair) as a bonus.

If you're a newbie to Revlite, please note that you are discouraged from applying any deodorant/anti-perspirant, or any whitening product for 3 days prior to ensure that there will be no negative reactions. 

As I was able to already explain my current 'pit condition to the staff a few weeks before my scheduled treatment, Ren reminded me Revlite can only be done 2 weeks after my beach trip. It took so long for me to avail of the service as I was always away surfing and they were very strict about the 2-week rule. 

So I finally tried it last Wednesday and upon arrival I was greeted by the friendly staff of Regine, Mitch, and Ren. They also handed me a refreshing order of milk tea which I readily appreciated considering the fact that I traveled all the way from my neck of the woods, Quezon City. 

After assessing the "condition" of my underarms and cleaning the area using a gentle cleanser (I assume it's Cetaphil or something similar), Regine drew marks to indicate which parts will be treated by Revlite. This was interesting already as based on experience, some establishments/clinics will only treat the middle part of the underarm. Regine further explained that they treat the entire underarm here, especially the inner area where hyper-pigmentation or skin darkening is most likely to occur.

Regine also did a test shot and asked me how it felt. Having high tolerance for pain (if you've read my post on FB about my impacted tooth dental surgery last year, you'd understand how high my threshold is), Revlite would feel like having a rubber band snapping against your skin. No biggie, actually, so she proceeded with the treatment. 

After treating my left underarm, she moved on to the right and then waited a while before deciding on a second pass. The rule at Skinhouse is they have to see if the skin will turn pink or reddish because if it does, it means the skin is already unable to tolerate another pass of the laser. This was another thing that was different as again based on experience, some will just proceed with the second pass right away and deal with the redness later.

Regine also thoughtfully kept asking how I was feeling and if the treatment itself was uncomfortable in any way. I shared that I felt more sting in my left underarm, and she explained that it's because the Revlite laser was hitting more hairs there as compared to my right where there is hardly any hair left. To soothe the skin, an anti-inflammatory cream was generously applied after the treatment. Total downtime? Only 20 minutes

Some rules post-Revlite:

  • no beaching or sunbathing for 2 weeks after treatment
  • do not use deodorants/anti-perspirants for 3 days
  • no hot showers
  • use only a gentle or mild soap to cleanse the area

What to expect: 

  • there will be some slight redness on the treated areas depending on how your skin reacts to the laser, this will go away after a few minutes
  • fine hair that has been hit by the laser will turn white and will fall off within the week
  • smoother feel and chicken skin will be lessened with continued treatments

I was also offered Revlite for the face but being realistic about my beach goals, I had to beg off as my constant exposure to sunlight will only negate the effects of the treatment. But if you're not a beach bum, let me tell you that Revlite on the face will really improve skin tone, dry up comedones, and even help in the management of pimples.

Interested to try Revlite? 

Revlite Laser Treatment for underarms packages:

  • Php 3,500/session
  •  Php 10,000 minimum of 5 sessions
  • Php 17,500 minimum of 10 sessions

I'm scheduled for my second treatment on August (and yes 2 weeks after my beach trip, haha) so I shall update you all on that.

Visit Skinhouse at the ff branches: 

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic:
2F 170 Mayon St., near Retiro St., Q.C.
0917-8987546 / 0917-5157546 / 02.2543987
Clinic Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri, 11AM - 8PM. Sat & Sun 10AM-7PM

8006 Pioneer St., cor. United St., Pasig City
Inside Pioneer Centre Supermarket
0917-7131588 / 0917.8290990 / 02.5424106

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