Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Physiogel is my new skin savior

I'm sort of feeling in the dumps now. A mix of being tired physically and the cool weather, plus I think I might be coming down with the sniffles soon though I hope my daily intake of hot green tea wards it off. I haven't been sick in a long time and I'd like to think it's all the antioxidants I've been taking. Plus, I miss travelling. It's the only cure that works I think.

Ironically, my tea bag is telling me to dance and have some fun,
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about my switch to Physiogel. It started when I couldn't seem to alleviate the stubborn and itchy bumps on my face post-beach. I remember my derma used to tell me my skin couldn't tolerate too much sun exposure or sweating, but look at me so stubborn and all, trying to surf every couple of weeks. So this is what happened:

This affects my whole T-zone and the photo shows a "tamer" version because I've been employing the new Physiogel regimen for 3 weeks now. But friends who surf with me and who've met up with me immediately after beach trips would notice more pronounced bumps and redness. It's something that's really annoying (not to mention embarrassing) up close, and I guess more makeup-centric people would opt to cover it up with foundation, but I would rather let me skin breathe so I just use Skintangible and mineral makeup every day.

So wanting to go the gentler route, I decided to try out Physiogel. I initially had 2 large bottles of the cleansers which I got from a PR event way back (thank you!), then I purchased the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream and AI Cream separately.

Cleanser (around Php 300~ for a large bottle with pump)

Very, very similar in texture to Cetaphil's but without the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ingredient. I massage this on dry skin or use a cotton round to gently remove makeup. It won't remove waterproof makeup or super water-resistant sunscreen (opt to use a gentle makeup remover for that), but it gently cleanses without the fuss.

Daily Moisture Therapy Cream (around Php 500~)

I guess this is the revamped packaging, I have a strong suspicion this used to be the Intensive Cream. It's a very emollient cream that I apply every night to my whole face including the eye area. It was able to successfully get rid of the dryness and scales associated with skin that's been overexposed to the elements, but I felt that it didn't work fast enough. Time is of the essence when you're gearing up for another beach trip, so I needed something "stronger".

Calming Relief AI Cream (around Php 650~)

I've read so many blog posts singing this product praises so I just had to get my own tube. AI stands for anti-itch and that alone seemed enough push for me to purchase. Over the course of 3 days with once a day usage, it was able to soothe the bumps considerably. Though my skin is still not 100%  back to normal, my T-zone isn't as itchy anymore.

The difference between the two is the AI Cream contains olive oil, olus oil (emollient), squalane and is made specifically for reactive skin, while the Daily Moisture Therapy uses shea butter and coconut oil. Both intensely moisturize and increase lipids in skin.

I will not sugarcoat it: these moisturizers are pretty darn greasy and tacky, thus I only use them at night. So unless you have very dry skin, I would not suggest using these during the day (save for the cleanser which you can use several times a day) because you'll get oily right away, and your makeup will slide off. But I guess the results will be stellar with frequent use, especially with the creams.

Sorry, I'm a little hazy on the prices but they would be around the Php 300-600 range depending on the size you're getting. If you're looking at splurging on just one product, I would suggest the AI Cream because it really works wonders on calming reactive skin.

How do you alleviate itchy bumps on sensitive skin? Share your secrets with me in the comments.


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