Wednesday, July 22, 2015

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Matte Reds: Pure Brick and Pure Garnet

Everyone knows the power of a red lip. I mean, you can just keep your face pretty much bare and throw on a red lipstick and still look put together, which is pretty much what I do most of the time. Or you can treat red lips as a confidence-boosting final touch to an already smoking hot look. There's a reason all these bombshells wear red after all. 

The L'Oreal Color Riche Star Matte Reds (Php 525) come in 7 different variations of red, each made with a particular ambassador and skin tone in mind. My favorite from the range would be Pure Brick (Aishwarya) and Pure Garnet (Freida).

I know what you're thinking: "Garsh, another range of red lipsticks. So what else is new?" But I tell ya, L'Oreal seems to be on a roll with all these releases and I have become a fan of their formulation and fragrance-free (no discernible scent at least) lipsticks. You can check out my Blaze of Red review here, which started my so-called conversion to the brand. I distinctly remember the earlier versions of these Color Riche lipsticks (I was in a pink phase then, back in 2006 maybe?) and I was really bothered by the cloying sweet fragrance, but now I'm glad they reformulated and took that out.

If you haven't tried these then I urge you to head to the nearest mall, swatch all shades, pick your faves, and head out to the register. These lipsticks are creamy with absolutely no drag when applied, and although touted as matte they are non-drying and are intensely pigmented per swipe. And that sleek black packaging? Very classy.

L'Oreal Philippines lovingly sent all 7 shades but I fell in love with Pure Brick most of all, which was pretty surprising. A departure from my usual deep reds and berries, Pure Brick imparts an earthy, almost burnt orange hue that incredibly enhances whatever is left of my tan *sob*  I think orange red is my color this year.

Pure Garnet is a gorgeous deep berry (off the bat this would be my first choice had I not swatched the whole set) which Alex is sporting in this photo. Several have commented that this particular shade is the most drying of them all, so please wear a balm prior to application if you have really chapped lips.

Have you tried L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Matte Reds?
Which ones are your faves? Spill!


  1. Hi! I'm not curly anymore but that's pretty much what I do. I apply product when hair is still damp, then twist and scrunch the ends. Then I just let them dry as is :)