Thursday, July 23, 2015

#FreeInMySkin: The New Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy & Calming Relief Range

Having sensitive or sensitized skin (from testing too many products for example) is a lot more common than you think. I personally suffer from dermatitis, bumps, and rashes due to too much sun exposure and I know first hand how it can affect one's confidence. My job entails me to meet several clients in a day, so imagine how embarrassing it is to have rough bumps on my forehead due to skin sensitivities. Recently, I blogged about using Physiogel to hopefully alleviate my skin condition, religiously using the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream alternating with AI Cream every night. 

With Physiogel deeply inculcated in my skin care routine, I was more than happy to attend the "Free In My Skin" event a couple of weeks ago at Makati Shangri-la. This movement aims to increase awareness on what Physiogel can do to free women from dry and sensitive skin. 

Research from the GSK Skin Health Asia Pacific Consumer Report 2014 shows that more than 50% of women across Asia experience sensitive face and body skin in the past 12 months. One out of two women will not visit a skincare professional for their skin condition. The same study shows that 71% and 61% of Filipinas have sensitive face and body skin, respectively.
What causes skin sensitivity?

Sensitive skin can be caused by a multitude of factors -- from climactic harshness and pollutants in the air and water to hormonal factors and stress that is further compounded by the use of cosmetics -- these are the everyday problems that women face. Dry skin is defined to be where one’s natural lipid layers in the skin lose its ability to retain enough moisture, it usually feels itchy, rough, and scaly. 

The Physiogel promise

Physiogel is known for its Bio-Mimic technology that works to soothe and repair skin's natural moisture barrier. Having used their products for several months already, I can attest that their moisturizers are very emollient and moisturizing, and their cleansers very gentle (too gentle at times even). Add the fact that Physiogel products are non-comedogenic, free from soap, preservatives, perfumes, and colorants, and you've got a powerhouse of skin care products that will nourish skin and alleviate dryness at drugstore prices. 

Bianca Valerio hosted the event that night
With Patti Grandidge as the new Physiogel Ambassador
I went to the event with Alex who hasn't tried Physiogel yet so I'm excited to find out what she thinks about these products I swear by. Also in attendance is the forever giddy Krissy with her main squeeze, Miah. 

For the uninitiated, Physiogel offers two lines. The first is the Daily Moisture Therapy range which is meant to be used on dry and sensitive skin.

The range consists of the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream, Body Lotion, and Dermo-Cleanser. All are clinically proven to repair skin's moisture barrier and address dry skin.

For more intense dryness, try the Physiogel Calming AI Relief range which aims to provide immediate and long-lasting relief to dry, red, itchy, and irritated skin. It consists of the Calming Relief AI Cream and AI Body Lotion. A quick Google will show you that the AI Cream in particular is used by ladies who suffer from more serious skin conditions, and even use it in lieu of steroidal creams.

Too bad I didn't receive samples of the Calming Relief range as I think these are spot on for my skin concerns.

Freedom List Challenge

Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement also starts with self discovery. Physiogel aims to help women to be more aware of themselves so they can uncover their full potential. It challenges Filipinas to look past their skin insecurities in the hope of helping them fulfill dreams they have always wanted to achieve.

And this journey to self discovery starts with taking the Freedom List Challenge, Physiogel’s suggested guide in the form of a lifestyle online quiz that is a representation of what women can achieve when freed from dry and sensitive skin. Click on this link to take the quiz, and let me know what you got!

For more information on Physiogel products and the Free In My Skin movement, visit


  1. I got Charismatic Motivator! You? :)

    I think I'll try the cleanser soon since I'm running out of my current one. Still too many half-open lotion bottles lying around :)

  2. Had to check my tweet during the event, got Elegant Sophisticate! The cleanser is very similar to Cetaphil though I alternate with something else when my skin needs more cleansing action. It is definitely gentle, sometimes too gentle to cleanse of dirt, oil, and grime.

  3. Also, I love the new look ano? Very clean :)

  4. Yes! So much nicer than the old one. Glad they updated. :) This looks like a good option to use after micellar water, since it's pretty gentle. (And because yes, tamad pa din ako haha *hides*)