Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fact: I waste my life on Instagram

Wait, that came out a bit harsh. What I meant was, I waste so much time on Instagram gawking at beauty products (if you have Sukin on your feed I'd stalk you!), bikinis (OMG, I can get lost for hours), desserts (anything with custard, please), travel photos (to add to my bucket list), the distractions go on. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has this dilemma. And I'm pretty damn sure if my manager read this, he'd say I should spend more time on client calls, hihi.

Just the other day a brand followed me on Instagram, I checked her feed and liked what I saw, followed her back, ended up chatting with the owner, next thing I know I was reserving something. Oh boy.

So please tell me I am not alone. How much time do you spend on Instagram (viewing, commenting, liking, or *gasp* buying)? How often do you succumb to beautifully staged photos and pretty layouts?

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  1. You are definitely not alone, my friend. XD

  2. It's sad that after introducingo this you say there's no way to buy it anymore! o_O

  3. Supplier issue daw e, sayang di ba :(

  4. I'm sure, you "waste" your time naman on stationeries, pens, and other craft supplies. Am I correct? :D