Saturday, July 11, 2015

Doing a double take on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

When I had this mean streak about eliminating all products with chemicals in it, petroleum jelly was tops on my list. Leftover product from oil rigging machines? Ugh. I couldn't imagine putting that stuff on my face, or on my skin for that matter. So I shunned petroleum jelly for a long time, even when my Mom kept singing it praises. It softens skin like magic, she says. 

Still, it took me a couple of years (and a brief moment of clarity) to give this venerable beauty staple a try. I was packing for my first ever surf trip and didn't know what to bring beauty-wise. I looked into my cabinet of press gifts and saw this unassuming tube just waiting to be noticed. I figured, this might come in handy....for what I just didn't know yet. 

What is petroleum jelly anyway? Discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania, workers disliked this paraffin-like product forming on oil rigs because it caused their machines to malfunction. A young chemist then decided to study this goo and then further refined it, in the process he came out with what we all know now as petroleum jelly. For those who are scared, no worries because it's triple purified for safety and skin compatibility (at least the Vaseline brand is).

So, how did a very simple tube of petroleum jelly elevate my beach/surf trips? Here's how I use it:

  • applied to elbows and knees, it quickly builds a barrier and soothes bruises and cuts
  • softens cracked heels (I  bet you knew this already) from too much exposure to the elements
  • heals uber dry and sunburned lips
  • if you accidentally get your period while on a beach trip, coat your tampon applicator for easy and pain-free insertion (sorry TMI but it has been proven effective numerous times for this purpose)

There are so many other uses for petroleum jelly, check out the full list here. Thanks to Robinsons Department Store for including this in my press package a couple of months back. It's one of those products that I often ignore, I'm glad I realized its potential and importance. Sometimes, ladies, it's nice to be able to do a double take and give an otherwise ordinary product a try ;) 


  1. Hi, @Aviva! I used it on the fly when I got my period while surfing (had to run from the beach back to the hostel!). Thankfully I didn't experience any adverse reactions, so I presume it's safe. Been doing it ever since.