Saturday, June 27, 2015

Refilling your Ellana Minerals Loose Powder

As I just got back from Batanes, I'm still getting back into the groove of things when I realized while getting ready that my trusty loose mineral powder foundation had run out! I had basically used up the last bits and had to make a beeline to the mall yesterday. I now use a darker shade called Almond Coffee Cream* thanks to my forever tan, and don't have a backup product to tide me over (I do have my original shade which is Chai Tea Latte* but it's unforgivably too light now).

Although I had raved about Ellana's Pressed Mineral Foundation last year, I had learned to love this loose powder version. Initially thinking it was going to be messy while touching up in the car, but after a while you'll get used to the idea and find yourself applying it on the fly anytime, anywhere.

So anyway, it was just my luck that the refills were available at The Ramp, Trinoma. Refilling would be more economically sound because it's cheaper at Php 350/6g and I get to re-use the original plastic container. I haven't actually refilled mineral makeup on my own yet so I asked the sales lady to do it for me.

And that turned out to be a good idea because had I done it at home, I would've removed the entire plastic cap! Apparently, you have to cut a portion at the corner of the foil pack then diligently coax the powder into the tiny hole. It took about 7-10 minutes for the whole thing but I didn't mind waiting, I was happy to have a full container of mineral powder :)

And this is the finished product, still looks a bit messy but this will later clear out once I use it this afternoon. So ladies, consider buying the refills than buying an entire new product. Not only is it cheaper but it's better for the environment as well as there is just too much wastage going around.

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