Friday, June 26, 2015

After Sun Care with Human Nature Natural Baby Wonder Oil

I chanced upon the the Human Nature Natural Baby line while shopping for my niece in Landmark, Trinoma. Though they've been on a radar for a while, I never felt compelled to purchase probably because the packaging and design wasn't too cute enough for my taste. But anyway, out of all the products in the line (Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, and Nappy Cream) I picked up the Wonder Oil for myself thinking it would be a good way to moisturize skin on the fly post-surf. 

Premium-grade sunflower oil that’s ideal for that gentlest and calming infant massage. As nature’s wonder oil, it also helps soothe itchiness, irritation and little boo-boos. It’s dermatologist tested, so you can be sure to keep your little angel’s skin soft and supple with every gentle rub. Our natural formulations incorporate an Eco-Cert certified all natural baby fragrance that is 100% phthalate-free! 
Price: Php 129.75/10ml
Where to buy:
Alex once mentioned to me that she uses coconut oil to soothe her skin after surfing and swimming. I used to rely on lotions (or sometimes none at all -- it's too hot and sweaty for lotions at the beach) but figured if I do decide to moisturize, it would be best to use natural alternatives since skin is more sensitive after exposure to sun + saltwater. The thing is, I wasn't too keen on using coconut oil because of the scent. Thank god this Wonder Oil came into the picture because I loved the fresh powdery scent instantly.

Its main ingredient is Human Nature's prized sunflower oil, an oil rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and emollient properties that preserve skin's moisture. It is exceptionally light and non-greasy when applied on the body plus leaves an enviable sheen on skin. And oh, did I mention that it can soothe mild jellyfish stings as well?

I love this Wonder Oil so much that it's become a nightly ritual already, whether I am at the beach or in the city. Also, the packaging is made of sturdy plastic and there were no leaks when I brought this with me on the plane. I'm now intrigued about the other products and may purchase the baby wash and lotion in the future.

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