Friday, April 3, 2015

Recent Faves: Beach-bound

Since my preferences change over time, I decided that I'll post my faves every few months or so just to keep you all updated. "Recent Faves" would include new discoveries, or products that I've switched up depending on my current skin care needs and complexion issues. It may also include some favorites that are non-beauty related just for fun.

Okay, by now you probably all know that I've been bitten by the surfing bug. I've always been a beach bum growing up but now I'm taking it rather seriously with all my upcoming beach trips. So because of this, I had to alter my skin care routine a bit. I never realized up until I've built my base tan (which took a couple of weeks, FYI), that keeping a tan is harder than expected. People who are rather light-skinned will agree that our color goes back sooner than most, and well, it's rather frustrating.

The rule of thumb is, in order to keep or maintain a tan you have to keep skin moisturized at all times. The key is to prevent skin from exfoliating otherwise you lose your color (and this rings true for self-tanners as well). 

My solution? Use only the gentlest products possible in order to prolong the life of my tan. Here's my first installment of "Recent Faves," hope you like them!

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle
Okay, I just had to squeeze this in because this is by far the most moisturizing and hair softening conditioner EVER. When I go to LU, I usually skip shampooing after each swim because it might dry out my hair. I just shower and apply this conditioner and my hair is"resuscitated", plus it smells deliciously sweet, too.

VMV Coo & Clean Baby Wash
Wrote a mini-review here. I parked my bath soap and opted to use an ultra mild body wash that's even fit for the sensitive skin of babies. It's free of SLS, fragrances, allergens, and is impressively pH-balanced, plus it lathers well in the shower.

VMV Red Better Deeply Soothing Cleansing Cream
I also switched to a less sudsy cleansing cream for the face in order to soothe and lessen any eruptions.

VMV Armada Sport 70
If you're into sports, I would strongly recommend Armada Sport 70. Not only does it obviously protect you with its UVA/UVB of 70, it's non-sticky and glides easily on skin. Plus, it doesn't bleed into eyes. When I ran my first 5k color run last month, I used a different sunblock and it really stung my eyes. So much so that Alex got so worried because I was sweating so much and my eyes were already burning. So, err on the safe side and use this as it really won't budge and it won't sting.

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion Sunscreen
It seems counter-productive to use a lotion with extremely low SPF, but I had to in order to tan. Always apply generously to maximize the SPF 6 and be aware of how long you stay under the sun!

Verbena Luxury Body Lotion
A weightless, fast-absorbing lotion that I picked up at Duty Free last January. I am in love with Verbena now and this is my favorite lotion to date.

Of course, summer and beach trips wouldn't be fun without colorful bikinis! I'm into tassels and anything crocheted now, reminds me of that phase in my life when I was so into boho chic. Head on to this post to learn more about my favorite online shops for yummy swimwear.

So there you have it, these are my current can't-live-withouts. Also keep track of my adventures by following me on Instagram (@kirasworld), and feel free to click on the photos on the left to learn more about my adventures in La Union, India, Korea, and Singapore :)


  1. What sunscreen did you use during the fun run? I remember a trip to Quezon where I used the Beach Hut one for face; once I jumped into the pool my eyes stung so bad. :( Now super wary of using just any sunscreen for outdoor stuff.

  2. Hi Kira! Any suggestions for places to buy beach outfits? (Shorts, etc?)

  3. I'd rather not say, but for outdoor sports or activities I use Armada Sport 70, for every day I use Armada 60 :) What do you use now?

  4. Hi @whimsicalchild! For board shorts I'd suggest heading to Landmark Trinoma because they have an assortment of stuff on the 2nd floor and super affordable, too -- around P300+ only.

    For more fashionable shorts, head to The Ramp Trinoma, H&M, or Forever 21. :)