Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life Lately: Somewhat distracted

I am involved in so many [recreational] things that it has shaken my priorities a bit. My work used to take center stage and it was the only thing I thought about day in day out, but now, it has somewhat taken a backseat. To be fair, summer is usually the time of the year I get all uneasy and restless, perhaps because we have our first family trip around March or April and I have been hardwired to anticipate flying off somewhere or going on a vacation.

But, I am starting to think that the distraction is probably coming from the fact that my beach trips started very early this year (January!), and my job (though I love it so much) is not exactly helpful. Because I manage my own time, I can jet off to anywhere or head to the beach on a moment's notice. In fact, I have an overnight bag that's packed with beach essentials (complete with extra bikinis) that I can just grab anytime I have that spur-of-the-moment beach trip. Yes, much to my friends' dismay, I have become that type of person: kaladkarin, they'd like to call it. Just tell me you're heading to the beach and I'd clear out my schedule. To be fair, I always tell them it would highly depend on the person/people asking me out, of course. But my mantra now is, why not live a little, you know?

Today I had a quick convo with my AXA manager about my statistics. He congratulated me and said that as of March I have been officially promoted. I let out a soft "yay"and I gave a sheepish smile. I felt like I could've worked harder, or jumped to Senior level faster had I just focused more. Truth to be told, I've been quite chill for the past month because my head was up in the clouds -- or at the beach, to be more accurate. I had felt bad earlier that I was stuck in the city and had to attend this team meeting, I could've been sunbathing at the beach somewhere, or just taken a bus to LU and surfed the whole day. But that would seem like me being so ungrateful about my job.

Another distraction is the remarkable people I've met over the last few weeks. Remarkable (I've learned so much from so many people) and unforgettable (I'm hoping this person reads this and messages me soon, because really I can't get you out of my mind). It may take a while for me to get over all these wonderful things that have been happening.

Anyway, new things about me:

Goodbye, Barre3
I have since stopped going to Barre3 and have now embraced brisk walking on the treadmill (I can't run yet as my knee is still strained). I figured, it's a way for me to save up, pool my earnings, and use them towards my trips. Not only do I get to workout at home free of charge, but I can do it anytime to let off steam or de-stress. Plus, Epsilon and Komiki join in on the fun, too -- they play and watch me while I exercise. Not sure how this will affect my midsection though, I still need to do crunches every now and then.

My tan self
I majorly tanned at my last surfing trip, and I was so delighted! Now the challenge is to maintain it...

Coffee vs Tea
Just recently I have adopted warm lemon water (sometimes with tea) over my usual brewed coffee in the morning. Time to cleanse and boost my immune system since I got sick last week (so much so that I was in bed for 2 days because my temp was sky high). Read the benefits of drinking hot lemon water here, benefits of drinking tea here. Not to say that I have completely abandoned coffee, I still sneak in a cup in the afternoon when I have a client meeting or need a boost of energy (coffee is hard to let go of, unfortunately), but my coffee consumption in general has significantly lessened.

Complexion issues
My skin isn't at its best right now. Sadly I think too much sun exposure (or maybe just a mix of bad sunscreen) is making my T-zone breakout :(

So anyway, hopefully I snap out of this mode of being distracted and go back to my regular ol' self. In the meantime, time to get off my butt and workout.

So what about you, how do you get back on track when you're distracted? 


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