Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Wear Marsala by Acie Fores

A few weeks ago, I had the lovely opportunity to sit down with MUA Acie Fores and try out the Marsala trend. I always like being made up and see it as an adventure. You put your trust on a makeup artist and you don't really know what the outcome is going to be (I usually give them free rein to do whatever). But for what it's worth, the whole "transformation" is so much fun, plus it's nice to be able to chat with the person and know her on a more intimate level. You have no idea how much gossip happens BTS, hehe.

Anyway, I've known Acie since last year when we both tried out SkinLux along with Alex and Martine. Sadly I was not able to adequately blog about the facial but I have recommended some people and they've become staunch converts. So, head on over to SkinLux if you've been battling acne, melasma, and other skin conditions, or simply want the best for your skin.

Now, have you embraced the Marsala trend? Here are snippets from Acie's tutorials, click the link to read the full posts:

This is me sans makeup -- eek! 

Now if only I had a date that night....

So there you have it, posts to inspire you to wear Marsala either on eyes or lips (or both!) this week.

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