Friday, March 13, 2015

Rave: Kate Eyebrow Pencil in BR-2

This is such a great discovery that I had second thoughts about posting this because sometimes, I can be selfish too y'know :P. Anyway, I was looking for a good replacement for my Eye of Horus Brow Define which I found to be too expensive for daily use -- I used up the whole thing in just 2 months!.

I went to SM Department store and started a swatchfest of all brow products (pencil preferably) a couple of weeks ago. Several brands later, I chanced upon the Kate Eyebrow Pencil which seemed very similar to EOH and (here's the clincher) was even selling at half the price. 

An eyebrow pencil with a superfine 1.5mm core to draw fine lines to the outer end of the eyebrows
Price: Php 420/.07g

What I like: 

  • small and compact, fits in even the smallest of kikay kits
  • can be used as a brow definer and filler for sparse areas
  • precise and easy to use, just apply small brush strokes for a natural look
  • fool-proof, because the lead is hard even ladies with heavy hands can use this
  • relatively long-lasting but not waterproof (will not survive swimming or surfing)
  • comes in 6 shades (or at least I saw only 6 testers in SM)
  • easy twist-up packaging
  • very affordable and available in most department stores

What I don't like: 

  • no spoolie
  • no cover, may be an issue to germophobes

Eye of Horus Brow Define vs Kate Eyebrow Pencil
Now because my hair color is not as golden and my skin color has slightly tanned, the BR-2 works wonderfully on me. Though it's still not an exact hair color shade match (I'd still prefer something that's a lighter shade of brown), I think the slight "darkness" still complements my whole look so it seems like I'd be sticking with Kate for a long while.

Another thing, the lead of the Kate Eyebrow Pencil may not be as thin as the Eye of Horus version but it does make for a good dupe, and does feel sturdier. I won't be scared if I accidentally drop this, it seems like the packaging and the lead itself will survive the fall. There are about 4 shades available in the PH so if you find any of the other shades to your liking, then I'm sure you'll love this as much as I do.

Color comparison: the Kate Eyebrow Pencil in BR-2 has a lot more golden brown hue to it, while the Eye of Horus Eye Define in Husk has some grey undertones.

That's me on the far right wearing the green dress. You can see how defined and pantay my brows are -- and that's only because of the Kate Eyebrow Pencil! You could say it's my favorite brow product of the moment :D

Any interesting department store discoveries lately?
Share them with me in the comments :)

PS: The photo was taken by Nikki at last week's Project Vanity anniversary party. 


  1. No cover. Eeep! That would definitely bring my OC out, and I'm the type who'll wrap the tip in tissue or find some sort of makeshift cover for it. :))

  2. I'm loving the ZA gel cleanser! Super affordable for how good it works!

  3. I feel embarrassed, mine's just floating around in my kikay kit o.0

  4. Thank you, I'll check that out the next time I head to Trinoma. There's a new ZA counter there :D

  5. Try Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow in 02. It's 345 for 0.7g din. I feel the same way you do about Kate but I don't have Kate so only you can compare :)

  6. Your kikay kit is probably sealed, right? Mine kasi has a mesh back, so it's more exposed. That's why I'm more praning. :))

  7. Update: ZA is pulling out in Trinoma and their stuff has been on BOGO pala since last month :(

  8. Yes it is, and I wash it semi-regularly (like every 4 months or when I remember) :))

  9. I checked Heroine Make in SM Makati and I like the colors! Will purchase soon. And you're right, very similar to Kate and cheaper pa by P25 :)

  10. Cheaper by 75! Hahaha (kurips talaga!) Anyway, if I've got it right, it's 01 for brunettes, 02 for blondes and 03 for redheads. Sana makapagcomparison post ka of the 3 brands :)

  11. Ganda nito, Kira! Like tellie, I'm also a fan of the Heroine Make pencil. I used up 2 na, on my third. I like though that Kate has 6 shades, whereas Heroine Make only has 3.

  12. When I swatched parang I was attracted tp BR-3, but then again I'm happy naman with my Kate Eyebrow Pencil. Hmm...maybe I'll test it in the future :D

  13. Aha! Now I know your secret! *evil laugh*