Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Top Swimsuit Brands

I just came from the beach last week and yet I can't get it out of my much so that I ended up buying another bikini set just to compensate. I'm just too excited for summer! Anyway, since we're on the topic of beaches and surfing, I might as well share some of the sites I visit for covetable swimwear. Most of the time I scour malls, too, but for the lot of us who are online 24/7, check out these shops for IG-worthy swimwear:


One of my favorite IG accounts, I am in love with their vibrant neoprene sets which are almost always sold out *sob*  Fashionable and functional, their designs will make you stand out at the beach. These halter-types are calling me, perfect for surfing sans rash guard.


If you're having difficulty finding a good bikini that will withstand those waves, try a onesie! These ones from Naiya River are super adorable and well, cool. Cat prints? Yes please.


Recently launched, Muuno offers crocheted swimwear in juicy colors. Not sure how these would hold up during surfing, but hey, I'm a fan of anything that's girly and crocheted. Can't wait to see what else this brand will offer in the future.


I've always been a fan of I Love Koi even during my bazaar/Multiply days. Probably the first Filipino swimsuit brand that went global (please correct me if I'm wrong), always ahead of the trends, and always innovating. They've got collaborations with famous fashion bloggers and celebrities, and you can even create your own bikini set via their DIY Bikini Lab.


I first encountered Brown Belly back when I used to frequent the indie fashion store MLNW (Make Love Not War) by Isa Alvarez in early 2000. I also met owner Noelle Hilario and just recently, Kage Gozun, who were both so nice and passionate about the beach life. Aside from swimwear, Brown Belly also has skin care products, yoga apparel, beach wear, and surfboard slings. I should've gotten that Aloe There! Aloe Vera Gel before I went to the beach.


Classy and tasteful, that's how I would describe swimwear by Anemone. I am really liking the retro stripes collection, and I always visit Nothing But H20 to check on their new releases. Some of their pieces also have UPF 50 as additional protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

I'll add more to this list as soon as I encounter them. How about you, where do you shop for swimwear?


  1. I just ordered a suit from Wanderlust online, I bought from them before from a retailer, i think from Strip. :)

  2. Cesa and Nudo have some really nice designs, too! :)

  3. Blog about your swimsuit! I wanna see :D

  4. Hi, Krissy! I like Cesa's halter rash guards :) Thanks for the reco.

  5. checking out 8th mermaid, sana they friend me na quick. hahaha

  6. How can anyone use that? It's too cute to use!

  7. They approve super fast, they're always online naman :)

  8. Exactly! Though it's a bit of a challenge kasi it's round and will topple over when left in a flat soap dish. Still, they're too cute to resist! :D

  9. Sana pinopost 'to bago ng Sample Room BBQ diba?!

  10. I actually thought about posting this but was planning my trip to LU, then got sick when I got back, then planned my trip to Baler, etc. Just got too busy! But I saw your post on FB so I decided to post a roundup, for your next trip na lang! :D

  11. Hi Kira! Thank you so much for this feature!
    We are very flattered that we made it to your top 5.

    Love lots,
    MUUNO team

  12. You are most welcome! Excited to see what MUUNO has in store for us this year <3

  13. Cute, I'll be guilty to use this.