Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unboxing: Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox

For as long as I can remember, a lot of beauty enthusiasts have been clamoring for a Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox. Eye of Horus is an exclusive Glamourbox brand and is most known for their eye makeup offerings that are deemed long lasting, smudge-proof, skin and eye-friendly, plus their pencils come in vivid colors. 

With the wait now over, it's time to do an unboxing! Each Special Edition box is sold at Php 695 + shipping, let's now take a look at what's inside this limited edition beauty box:

Dubbed as the #EyeLoveItGlamourbox, it came in a smaller (and somewhat lighter) brown box with the Glamourbox label printed in gold. It's classier, yes, but long-time subscribers might miss the usual white + salmon color combi. Upon opening, the contents are wrapped in pretty EOH black paper. 

Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil - Php 990 (full size)

Summer calls for tanned skin and brilliant colors! And what better way to amp up your look than with a brilliant eye liner? Teal is my favorite (and a bestseller) because this hue really makes any eye color pop, but I'm secretly wishing they included Amethyst as well.

Goddess Mascara - Php 990 (full size)

Next to lipstick, mascara is your most effective makeup tool. Mascara has always been one of my favorites because just a sweep can dramatically emphasize eyes and lengthen lashes, and who wouldn’t want that right? Plus if you're lazy, gorgeous lashes + a red lip are all you need to look polished.

The great thing about the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara is that it’s made with natural waxes that are gentle on eyes, yet the formula resists tears, sebum, and water which is perfect for any kind of water sport or you know, swimming. I reviewed it here, it's pretty much a mascara that can give natural definition to lashes therefore good for every day use. My only caveat is that it doesn't hold the curl well and tends to make my lashes droop. But hey, your experience could be different from mine.

Ankh Necklace - Php 580

I love pendant necklaces and this stunning gold piece symbolizes the breath of life and the key of the Nile. It often appeared in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, and connects to strength and health. Wear this with your black jumpsuit or with your delicate button-down shirts, and channel the goddess within.

Facial Bamboo Mitt - Php 480

Quite unexpected but appreciated nonetheless. If you’re not too keen on getting a facial brush, you may want to try gently exfoliating your face, neck, and décolletage with this soft bamboo mitt. The key is to apply your favorite cleanser (cream of foaming wash) and gently rub in circular motions. Doing this once a week not only exfoliates surface skin, but also encourages or improves blood circulation.

My last facial buffer was Buf-Puf back in the 90s maybe. It was soft and my skin felt really smooth after each use, but I couldn't use it in the long run because I have sensitive skin. I'll see if this fares better, otherwise I can use this on my body instead.

Sharpener - Php 295

Your Goddess Pencils deserve only the best, so make sure to use the Eye of Horus Sharpener to keep them in tiptop shape.

All in all, the total value of the box (based on makeup products only) is Php 2,275. I'm glad there were 2 full-sized products in the box, but I wished that there was more makeup included -- maybe 1 more pencil/Liquid Define and the Brow Define which I love), or the Eye Shadow Palette? 

The accessory was a welcome inclusion since it was still in line with the Egyptian Goddess theme, and let me add that this is not being sold separately on the Glamourbox Boutique so this is a great bonus for avid fans. Total value of the box is Php 3,335

What do you think of the Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox? 
Which one's your favorite product?

To order your own Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox, click here


  1. Hi Kira, been waiting for this post--I didn't get na a box coz I have both already (the mascara and pencil) and I'm only really in it for the makeup.. :( Can't wait for the next box though!

  2. My favs are of course the ankh necklace and the teal pencil! Awesome stuff!

  3. Love the Teal Pencil, too! Or maybe a trio of pencils (minus the mitt) para mas fun :)

  4. Kiraaaa akin na lang the necklace hihi ^_^
    (Yun lang gusto ko because I have the mascara na and I have a lot of eyeliners na rin, LOL.)

  5. I'll think about it! What are you trading it for? :P

  6. I don't know :D What do you want?

  7. brownsugarbeauty101February 20, 2015 at 2:30 AM

    I did not expect to see accessories in the box other than the sharpener since the ad says "prep up your peepers." a little misleading, but still worth the money.