Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Nivea Adventure in Balesin: Day 1

How do you start writing about one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines? Last week, I was part of a group that was flown to Balesin to experience Nivea's new "Come Closer" campaign. I have heard of Balesin and always dreamt of going there, so am very grateful to Nivea for this opportunity. So much so that Krissy and I shrieked when I found out that I was invited! January was sure off to a great start!

My call time was 11am and I was to board the chartered 20-seater plane. The first time I rode a small plane was during the ARC Boracay trip where we had to shoot a video for an Italian restaurant, and this was back in 2012 maybe. I am used to riding bigger planes so this smaller one sort of scared me, but I'm glad that the 20-minute plane ride was comfy and the landing was commendable.

Upon alighting the chartered plane, I was greeted by the warm sunshine, the strong gust of winds, and freshly-squeezed buco juice all courtesy of Nivea. After some quick introductions and an overview of the whole island, we were led to our villas in Mykonos Village where we were given an hour to nest and get settled. Mykonos is gorgeous and the whitewashed walls, blue windows and doors are unmistakably Nivea.

Of course, a beach getaway would not be complete without a slew of skin care and sunscreen products. Thankfully, Nivea took out the guesswork by stocking us with their bestsellers! I was giddy with delight, especially after spotting the sunscreens. Can't wait to frolic at the beach with my girls!

Shen was my designated roommate and she was off on the Island Tour when I arrived. 

The Mykonos Beach Villas are an exciting new addition to Mykonos Village. Located on the adjacent stretch of beachfront , these 32 spacious Greek-style units are ideal for families and large groups who want to stay together. The Beach Villas are spread out over six different buildings aptly named for the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology - Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Poseidon, Dionysios, and Hermes.
And then it was time for lunch, and it was nice to be reunited with top bloggers Julia and Liz. I haven't seen these ladies in months and a good catching up was necessary!

After lunch, we were all given a thorough Island Tour. I was with Camie, Shari, Kim, and Krissy (who is also part of ARC Public Relations, one of the PR companies in charge of the event). We were such a fun bunch and we ended up bonding over the next couple of days.

More photos of Balesin below:

With my partner in crime, Krissy

After the island tour, there was a small press briefing on the Nivea products and their campaigns for the year. Funny that I've only been partial to trying the suncreens, but Nivea actually has an extensive lineup of products for Face, Lips, Body, and yes even for the Men in our lives.

I am very familiar with the classic Nivea Creme which has always been a household staple while growing up. The luxe feel leaves even the driest of complexions adequately moisturized and supple. Another must-try are these Lip Butters that feel and smell phenomenal. Try the Raspberry variant!

And that's it for the first day of the Nivea Come Closer event! Stay tuned for my next post :)

What's your favorite Nivea product? :)


  1. Gaaah ang gandaaaaa. I'm sure you enjoyed your stay. The whole place seems so out of place in a good way. Haha

  2. I miss paradise and I miss us (ganon!?) :)) Let's have coffee and reminisce our jacuzzi times soon :) Beautiful write-up, Kira!

  3. Love <3 I haven't blogged about Nivea yet!!! Kulang kulang photos. HAHA

  4. Super fun! I miss Balesin na nga e :((

  5. I miss you girls, too! Reply na lang sa ating FB group hehe :)

  6. I miss you, Yuki! Balesin was so much fun <3