Monday, January 12, 2015

The New Strip Ice: Hair Removal That's Cooler and Faster

The best gift you can give yourself in 2015 are 6 full sessions of IPL Treatments at Strip Manila. I started with mine late last year (I'm currently on my 4th session) and the results are nothing short of dramatic. The ease of not having to worry about underarm hair for months is truly liberating. In my first session, I blogged that I was hair-free for almost 3-4 weeks! That's pretty impressive for a first-timer!

Last December, I was invited to try out Strip's newest offering which is an improved version of the popular Strip IPL Ace. Called Strip Ice, it's a cooler and faster way to semi-permanently reduce unwanted hair anywhere. Always on the forefront of hair removal, Strip Ice is only available in Strip Manila's Megamall branch. 

Every Strip branch has its own theme, and it's festive Carnival/Mardi Gras in Megamall. A quick convo with Tab Abad, Managing Director of Strip and Browhaus, and she explained that they want customers to feel at ease whenever they have something done. They want to do away with the stiff and clinical feel, and I'm inclined to agree. My Strip sessions are always fun, mainly because of the quirky interiors and their Wax Therapists who are all so friendly. I am also a chatty person so I guess they feed off my positivity, too, haha.

photo from Strip Manila's Facebook page

Anyway, the new Strip Ice features an all-in-one head that does the hair reduction and skin lightening at the same time. If you recall, the IPL Ace (which is IPL + V-Blush) uses 2 heads and the session takes up a total of 20-25 minutes (or approximately 15 minutes each). Now because Strip wants to improve on this and wants everyone to get more bang for their buck, they've combined both and the whole session now only takes a max of 15 minutes! So if you do the math, 15 minutes = 3-4 weeks of being hair-free = that's pretty fantastic! Of course, as you progress with your sessions you become hair-free longer. As mentioned above I'm now on my 4th session and I've been hair-free for almost 7 weeks. 

Who can benefit from IPL Ace?

Practically anyone! But IPL Ace is best for:

*Ladies of Chinese descent or Caucasians who are fair-skinned and have light hair
The new IPL head is able to easily distinguish hair from skin and can effectively target it for removal/reduction. 

*Ladies with fine hair
Finer hair, which other IPL machines miss, can now be addressed with the new Strip Ice. 

I was able to try one session and difference I immediately noticed was the cool gel and cool head -- it was a bit frosty in the room! Though other IPL machines emit heat, Strip Ice is cool and comfy so no need to worry about getting yourself burned (if you have an inexperienced therapist). Also, the short session time of 15 minutes means you can just have it done during your lunch hour and no one will be wiser ;)

with Strip Managing Director, Tab Abad
I had mine done last December 18 and it's almost a month and I'm still hair-free :)

Strip Ice FAQ
Here are some testimonials from users of Strip Ice: 

Strip Manila has special IPL packages, book now by giving them a call at (02) 501 3997 or visit their Facebook page: Strip Manila


  1. LOL natawa naman ako! Maputi kasi ako nung unang panahon, nag-tan lang when I started doing sales calls, haha. These Strip IPL sessions are really sulit, ano? Wish I had my brazilian done na din :D