Sunday, January 4, 2015

Musings on the New Year + some Resolutions

My Dad flew out today, along with several of our relatives who spent Christmas and New Year's in Manila. Tomorrow is officially the start of work which means vacation is now officially over. I'm being so melodramatic about it, huh? 

The next time I get to see my Dad and my relatives will probably be in February (if I'm lucky) or in the next couple of months, but in a different setting altogether since everyone will be immersed in work. Anyway, as I try to relive some important moments that transpired over the last weeks, let me share with you my fave snaps:

fun in always :)
At Bau House: "Someone needs to shampoo more often." xD
I take it Baby Clare does not like me...
One last family dinner together before everyone goes back to work
Happy New Year from us!
Do you believe in resolutions? I don't really put much heart into them but just to keep me focused, here are some of the things I hope to accomplish in 2015:

1. Make a list of the places I want to visit in this lifetime
I always have this in my head but I've been told it's better to actually write them down. 

2. Make a list of the qualities of my ideal partner
Because I want someone who is God-fearing and family-oriented this time. A list should be able to help me determine which ones are duds early on. 

3. Exercise regularly. 
Since I started Barre3 late last year, I hope to continue that this year. Working out has not only made me lose some weight (weight loss is not my priority) but I feel happier and lighter after each session. It has also helped me deal with stress tremendously!

4. Read and write more. 
One of the things that suffered last year was my blog and I hope to be able to update it this year and also bring back my animated side. I've noticed that my writing style has become robotic as I've only been reviewing products, but I hope to be able to inject more lifestyle posts and generally just become a happier and more creative writer this year. 

So that's that! I wish everyone a happy and fruitful 2015! 

What do you hope to accomplish this year? 
Share them with me in the comments :)


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