Monday, August 25, 2014

Burt's Bees Daisy White Serum

From the Daisy White collection, it was the Cleanser and Serum that caught my eye, mainly because a) cream cleansers are my obsession, and b) anything that's watery or gel-based is presumably better for oily/combi skin.

99% Natural … Specially formulated with Daisy Extract, this formula is clinically proven to brighten skin and help diminish the appearance of pigmentation and discoloration. Improves surface dullness and overall appearance of skin. 100% women saw a brighter, more luminous complexion after 8 weeks. Moisturizes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatologist-Tested; Non-Comedogenic
Availability: Beauty Bar outlets 
Price: Php 1,350/30g 

Friday, August 22, 2014

How do you apply your pimple treatment?

How many of you have battled pimples all your life? Even at age 32, I still get pimples and blemishes -- my skin still isn't perfect even with a strict skin care regimen. Why, at this moment I have a huge ass pimple on my cheek which I suspect is from staying up too late, a change in environment (transitioning from work stress, to travelling to Singapore, then back to work stress), testing of new products (all beauty bloggers will agree to our skin becomes more sensitized over time), and let's blame hormones, and my unhealthy diet as well (I love dairy!).

So anyway, I read this article on this revolutionary new camera which is able to analyze skin, pinpoint acne prone areas, and determine where flare ups could show up next. It is pretty interesting and though it's not available locally (wish I could try it out, Neutrogena please bring it to the Philippines?), it tell us one thing: prevention is totally better than cure. I mean, how many times have we tried to expedite the "healing" of a red spot by applying so much anti-pimple treatments, only for it to get inflamed even more? If there is one takeaway from this article, it's that we need to take care of our skin in advance, and be proactive.

"If you're only treating the acne you see, that's part of the problem. You have to go deeper."

Okay. So what I did (which I just started two weeks ago) is to apply a gentle pimple-fighting treatment all over my face concentrating on pimple-prone areas which is my T-zone, more specifically my chin. Since I have sensitive skin and didn't want to risk any skin reactions, I turned to my VMV Id Monolaurin Gel which I've been using as a spot treatment for years. I'm not promoting this product per se, but deduced that since my skin tolerates this, then it's safe to use all over the face. Anyway, the monolaurin ingredient is a gentle anti-pimple ingredient and it actually says on the box that it can be used all over the face as a mattifier, too.

So what do you say? Do you think applying a pimple treatment all over your face will combat (or at least minimize breakouts? Or does spot treatment work well for you? Of course, a strict skin care regimen + regular facial should be in the equation as well.

Tell me, how do you battle adult acne/pimple breakouts?

I should probably write a follow up article on this and let you all know if there has been any significant changes to my skin condition. Here's to clear and healthy skin, yes? *crosses fingers*

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Natasha Beauty Heel Mate

Having just returned from my much-needed Singapore vacation (check out my Instagram for a quick photodiary), I still find myself unable to blog on a regular basis. If you must know, I have enrolled myself in several AXA trainings and workshops (yes, I'm talking about insurance) and once I am done I can perhaps take it easy for a bit. Anyway, all this talk about money and investments is total different from my beauty orientation. The whole experience is both interesting and humbling, I hope to be good at it soon. 

Anyway, it's quite interesting that a lot of mass market brands are now getting a facelift to make them more appealing to the younger, sassier demographic. One such brand is Natasha who is currently revamping their new makeup/skin care line called Natasha Beauty. 

Okay, first thing I tried from the line is Heel Mate which is a foot and heel balm. To be honest I've always been passively interested in heel balms just because it seems like something every girl needs (nobody likes cracked heels) yet it's something that I never got around to purchasing myself. Thank god for the Beauties & Babies box, I was able to get a full-sized sample.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Two looks using the new L'Oreal Collection Star Lipsticks

Hi, I’m Ae and I blog over at An Artechoke. When Kira sent me an SMS one late evening about guest-blogging on Elegantly Wasted -- for an FOTD at that, I was beyond thrilled. I’ve been a long-time reader of her blog (since I met her at a bloggers event two, three years ago?) and she’s one of the real/live/in-the-flesh friends I’ve made from blogging. So yeah, I really enjoy her company, online and off!

You must have read her L’Oreal Collection Star entry a couple of days back. She asked me to do FOTDs using two from the collection of celebirity-inspired lipsticks, the Barely Greige (Jennifer Lopez) and Barely Plum (Sonam Kapoor) lipsticks. I like these types of posts and challenges because it gives beauty blogging some new direction, and maybe, probably, because I’m task-driven. And those of the beauty-related ones are among my favorite things to tick off! For this post, I came up with a look particular for each lipstick, hopefully I gave them justice! So let’s get started!


I have to admit, I was a bit thrown when I swatched Barely Plum. What looks like an agreeable pink on the tube applies with very strong purple/blue undertones -- something my warm skin tone shies away from.

I’m hoping a semi-strong smoky eye can override (scare?) the transgressing undertone away so I just piled on the shadow and hoped for the best!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Happy Organics Double Detox Bar

I've since used up my Pink Himalayan Salt Goat's Milk Bar from The Happy Organics and I've now moved on the their Double Detox Bar. Filled with the key ingredients kaolin clay (to detoxify skin), activated bamboo charcoal (draws out filth from our pores), lavender and tea tree oil (to naturally treat acne), it's a gentle, low foaming soap that naturally exfoliates skin as well. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Play It Up: Robinsons Department Store August Beauty Fair

Time for another beauty fair at your favorite Robinsons Department Store. Stock up on your fave beauty products, enjoy discounts, and earn freebies. Here are just some of the brands participating this year:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Parisian Affair: The La Tentation de Nina Launch

Imagine biting into a delectable little macaron, savoring its crisp meringue shell and fresh, creamy center. Now, imagine spritzing a fragrance that embodies the sweetness of a macaron, tartness of grapefruit, and juiciness of raspberry. 

The limited edition La Tentation de Nina, a magical collaboration between Nina Ricci and the master of macarons Laduree, perfectly balances the playfulness of a now more lady-like and intriguing Nina scent. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Digiperm Partie Trois at Beauty Brick

Last month I had my hair colored a lovely bronde shade by the my fave hairstylists, Jude and Rose. Apart from the long overdue hair color, I also asked Jude to cut off the curled parts since my hair was too long already though I really haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

Having relatively straighter hair after being curly for 3 years was something very new to me. I had to learn how to comb my hair again (when you're curly you can only comb once when hair is wet), blowdry every morning, be wary of stray hairs, and straighten/prevent the annoying wave at the back from tying my hair up in a ponytail.

After a couple of weeks, I missed how low maintenance my life was when I had curly hair. So last week, at a moment's notice, I decided to book an appointment at Beauty Brick. This was to be my third as my last perm was in 2012. The staff didn't remember me this time (have I been gone too long?) but they were still as accommodating as ever. After a hair treatment, my hair was prepped with some sort of chemical that will make it more receptive to the perm. I will admit that I lied a bit and told them that my color was a month old (when in truth it was only about 3 weeks old), and I was scared all throughout the whole perming process.

Will my hair get so fried it will fall off? Will my hair color change due to the chemical? Will my hair be receptive to the perm at all?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Discover your perfect nude with L'Oreal Collection Star by Colour Riche

Still in search of the perfect nude lip? L'Oreal Paris released Collection Star by Colour Riche taking inspiration from its stunning beauty ambassadors Doutzen Kroes, Jennifer Lopez, Fan Bingbing, Gong Li, and Sonam Kapoor. The collection consists of made to measure nude lip shades made specifically for Asian skin tones.

The collection features 5 delectable shades were co-designed by the most beautiful female icons of our time to ensure that Filipinas get only the most glamorous take on nude fashion. Check out the shades and swatches below: 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Unboxing: Beauties & Babies Glamourbox

We at Glamourbox have been contemplating on releasing a Mom & Baby-themed box since the beginning of this year, and we're thrilled to see it come into fruition. On a personal note, I was particularly fond of curating this box because who doesn't gush at sight of cute little babies, or anything baby-related for that matter? Also, I am quite the fan of baby products because they are gentle in nature and work well with my sensitive skin (read all about my fave baby products here).

Of course, even though the theme mostly denotes that the box is for Moms (with or without babies), the products are also selected in a way that will appeal to ladies who are into skin care. Here's a quick unboxing post of the "Beauties & Babies" Glamourbox.